ERIC Tutorial

6.0 Making a Short List

From your list of results you should choose titles of resources that you want to examine more closely. The best way to do this is to make a shorter list (folder) of those items.

This is easy if you follow these steps:

  • On your list of items, click on the add to folder icon below of each item that you want to select. You will see your folder grow on the right column under folder has items.
  • Choose folder view to view your full list.
  • You can view the details for one item by clicking on the blue title. This is an important step, because this information will help you decide whether a resource is right for your research.
  • Select those you want to keep and then choose the appropriate icon to print, save or e-mail citations. These icons are located at the top of your screen. Use your complete e-mail address, for example: Usually you will want to receive the standard field format, detailed citation and abstract.
  • CAUTION: Your folder contents will be deleted automatically unless you uncheck the appropriate box. This list will also be deleted when you exit the ERIC database, unless you save them in your personal account.


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