ERIC Tutorial

5.0 Search Results

When you complete your search, the result will usually be a list of articles and/or documents that meet the criteria you have specified. No results? First you will want to check your search terms for correct spelling and descriptors. It's also good to clear your search and start over, in case any limits were accidentally set or retained. If you're still not getting results, try requiring fewer limits or terms. It is very unlikely that there is no information on your subject!

Now it's time to evaluate your results, and revise your search as needed. You may need to use AND with additional search terms to focus your results, or choose from one of the links in the left side column to do the same. You may need to try other search terms to get more, or more relevant, results. Time spent working on your search will save you time later, since you won't be reading articles that just aren't what you need!

The list you get first will be the brief record for each item that matched your search, and includes the basic information about title, author, and source of your article. The accession number is included for each item, so remember to notice whether you have an ED or EJ resource. Remember that ERIC documents (ED) are different from ERIC journals (EJ), and this is an important distinction when finding your full-text. (see section 1 to review). It is also important to note the journal title for any article, since you may need that information to locate it.

Example of Search Results


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