ERIC Tutorial

9.1 Advanced Strategy: Optional ERIC Features

Once you are comfortable with ERIC searching, it is important to explore other education databases. Although you may find some duplication in coverage, each database covers a different collection of journals and other resources and will give you some unique results. For greatest precision, search ERIC and Education Source individually, using controlled vocabulary specific to each database.

Education Combo: You may also search several databases simultaneously by choosing Education Combo, which searches ERIC, Education Source, Professional Development Collection, and the Teacher Reference Center.  A word of caution, however - the subject terms may not be the same, so all text searching will be most inclusive.

Visual Searching: This is a new option that visual learners will love! Choose the Visual Searching tab at the top of any EBSCO search screen to perform a simple clustered search. Enter your search terms, then make your choices to narrow your search one step at a time.

MyEBSCO Host Account: Do you want to return to your search results at a later time? The MyEBSCO Host feature will allow you to do this. First create a personal account, then save searches for later retrieval, set up search alerts, and more. This feature is a bit cumbersome, but worth a try if you want this functionality.

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