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4.0 Search Tips: Adding Limits

After you enter search terms, there are many ways to tailor your search to include requirements that you or your professor may want. On the advanced search screen you can see date published, language and journal or document for example.

For current topics, the last ten years is usually a good time period, and you probably want English. Your professor may suggest that you use only journal articles, a limit which you can choose.

Guess what? Each time you select one of these limits you are making your results more exactly what you need, and reducing the number of items you have to review.

TIP: Do not limit to full text, since this does not search our full journal collection. Do not limit to peer reviewed, since this feature is still being developed.

Limits may also be added from the results screen. Look on the right side column for the date filter and a link to search options. After you set new limits, remember to click the update results button to see your improved results.

Try it!
It's time for you to give this a try, so go to ERIC and enter your search terms as keywords. Then add the limits that you think are appropriate for your research. Now click on search and you'll get a list of articles just right for your topic. In the ERIC database you will not need to use the search term "education", since resources are chosen for ERIC because of an education focus.

Here is a sample search with frequently used limits:

Image illustrating limits in the Advanced Search, including date published, availability and document type


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