ERIC Tutorial

2.0 Accessing the ERIC Database

In order to access Penfield Library's electronic journals and other databases, you need to be a SUNY Oswego affiliate and have an activated computer account. If you have not done so already, activate now through this page: account activation.

Once you activate your account, you can access ERIC from the library homepage. Under the heading Find Articles and More choose Research Guides by Subject, then choose Education. Near the top of this document you will see a list of the Education databases to which we subscribe, including ERIC. During the course of your research you will probably want to return to this list and try other indexes, especially Education Source and those related to your specific topic.

While you read this tutorial, you may want to open a second window and follow along in ERIC using your research topic, or you may want to read some of the tutorial first and then go back and try your searching.

To move through the basic tutorial, use the next page buttons at the bottom of each page. There are a few optional pages with more in-depth information, called Advanced Strategies. You can select those that match your research needs and interests, and return to the main lesson after reading them.

You may also wish to print out a Quick Guide for using the ERIC database. We will be expanding on these step by step instructions during this module, but you may find it helpful to follow along with this guide as we learn about navigating the ERIC system.



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