Want $5 for the Lake Effect Café?

The library is offering $5 gift certificates for the Lake Effect Café to students willing to give us 30 minutes of your time. Participants will be helping to try out a new library homepage. No technical skills are required.

Contact with two possible times you could come to the library.

Penfield Library: Access During Non-Library Hours

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Penfield Library card access system will be implemented after the spring semester. Access to the 24-Hour Room will continue as usual.

Once activated, after-hours access will be available from the front and side (west) entry doors in Penfield Library. After the library closes, the interior front doors and the side door will be locked. Only students, faculty and staff with an Oswego ID can access the 24-Hour Room by entering the building using the card access panel located next to the front inside handicap door (south) or side (west) door. The doors will remained unlocked when the library is open to allow access to the library, Lake Effect Café, and 24-Hour Room.

While a card access system is standard in residence residence halls, Penfield Library is among the first academic buildings on campus to implement the system. Plans for other academic buildings are underway.

Librarian in Hart & Johnson Halls March 26 - May 8

A librarian will be in Hart's classroom on Wednesdays, 6-9 pm, and in Johnson's Lakeside Classroom 5 on Thursdays 6-9 pm. Questions welcome!