SUNY Oswego on iTunes U

Frequently Asked Question

How do I add or modify a description for my iTunes U page?


  1. To add or modify the description of your page, first go to the SUNY Oswego iTunes U site, login using the "Content Provider" link and navigate to the page you want to edit (for detailed instructions visit "How do I get started editing my iTunes U page?").
  2. Click the "EDIT PAGE" button in the upper right side of the page. You should now see a window that looks similar to the following.
    imaged of editing a page
  3. You will see some icons, such as pencils, that designate the areas of the page you can edit. Click the pencil icon under the word "DESCRIPTION."
  4. You will be given a text box where you can write a brief paragraph about your site and its contents. It should look similar to the following:
    image of how to add a description
  5. When you have finished the description, click the checkmark icon under the description text box in order for the changes to be accepted.
  6. When you are done editing the appearance of your page, click the "END EDITING" button.
  7. If you are finished modifying your iTunes U page, click the "LOGOUT" button.