SUNY Oswego on iTunes U

Multimedia Creation Options

If you are interested in creating multimedia (podcasts, enhanced podcasts, vodcasts) for your SUNY Oswego on iTunes U space, there are a couple of options available to you. You may:

  1. Use the Multimedia Production Room in Penfield Library -- Now Available!
  2. Acquire your own equipment and software
In creating your multimedia, please keep in mind accessibility. There are a number of recommended accessibility tools you can use to assist you in making sure all audiences are able to engage in viewing and/or listening to your productions.

Option 1: Use the Multimedia Production Room in Penfield Library -- Now Available!

CTS and Penfield Library have worked together to provide a recording room on the second floor of the library. The Multimedia Production Room is located in room 210 across from the Periodicals/Media Desk. The key to this room can be signed out from this desk. If you would like to reserve this room, you may do so using the online reservation form.

The Multimedia Production Room is equipped with the following:

  1. A PC and Macintosh desktop computer with 24 inch monitors
  2. A Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 video camera for the PC and a built-in camera for the Mac.
  3. A Plantronics Audio DSP-400 Headset with noise cancelling microphone for both systems
  4. Your choice of the following recording software available on both systems:
    1. Audacity (for audio only)
    2. Camtasia (for audio and/or video)

Option 2: Acquire Your Own Equipment and Software

If you would like to purchase equipment and software for your own computer, you can get as sophisticated or as basic as you want. We recommend any of the equipment mentioned under options 1 and 2 as a basic set up. In general, here is an outline of what you will need:
  1. PC or Mac computer
  2. A microphone for capturing audio. This could be a stand up or hand-held version that connects to your computer, a built-in one on the computer, or a headset with microphone. Start with something you are comfortable with.
  3. A video camera if you need to also capture video. This could be as simple as a webcam or an advanced stand-up video camera that connects to your computer.
  4. Recording software. There are lots out there from free ones to the video editing studio versions. Below are a few:
    1. Audacity with the LAME Encoder (audio only) - free and available for both PC and Mac.
    2. Jing (audio and video) - free and available for both PC and Mac. Jing Help Center
    3. Camtasia (audio and video) - This is a commercial piece of software that can be purchased through the SUNY UB Micro store for about $160. Note: You will need to contact UB Micro directly to purchase this software. You can use Camtasia to record audio, narrate PowerPoint slides, or capture audio with your computer screen (screencasting) for possible computer training.
    4. Garageband (audio and video) - comes with the Apple iLife suite of applications and is only available for the Mac. Apple's Garageband Support Page