Welcome to the Land of Now

It's time to leave Someday Isle and join us in the Land of Now: SUNY Oswego

Welcome! We're so glad you're here - it means you've taken a step toward leaving the comfort of Someday Isle! A lot of people stay on Someday Isle for years -- sometimes a lifetime. Since you're here, we know you're interested in something more so we'd like to help deliver you to the Land of Now! Join us part time and/or online to earn your bachelor's degree.

Stop saying Someday I'll finish my degree, Someday I'll earn more money, Someday I'll be in a career field I love. The time is now!

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SUNY Oswego Division of Extended Learning
151 Marano Campus Center | Oswego, NY 13126
315.312.2270 | extlearn@oswego.edu