Women's Empowerment Series

Phoenix Center Building 

This empowerment series is delivered in an environment of support and camaraderie, we focus on enriching personal and professional aspects of our lives and building leadership skills to support success.

More than ever, women are searching for balance and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. The reality is that these two worlds are intertwined, a symbiotic relationship, with one world affecting the other. Using a holistic aproach, we explore some basic principles that universally apply to both worlds.

Tools and techniques are introduced and practiced with the goal of changing mindset and behavior.  Sessions compliment and build on one another in a cohesive progression, however each session has a specific focus and can stand alone.

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Price per retreat:
     $149 per person - for a single mini-retreat registration
     $535 per person - for all 4 mini-retreats a savings of $61
     $129 per person - 4 or more people on a single registration
     registering for same mini-retreat a savings of $80 
     Fresh fruit and lunch is included in the price.   

Trainer: Sue Conklin

Session Descriptions:

Rest and Relaxation: This session focuses on wellbeing.  We begin by introducing the various layers of the self and their characteristics.  We discuss health in terms of physical, emotional, and mental well being, and how this connects us to the world outside of ourselves.  We will use borrowed cultural perspectives to explore meanings and methods, and provide depth to our understanding of ourselves.  This level of examination facilitates understanding of our purpose in life, and finding methods to achieve inner peace as we navigate our personal and professional roles. 

Rejuvenation This session focuses on proactivity.  We will identify methods to overcome internal barriers and take charge of our lives.  Concentrating on borrowed cultural perspectives, we will use practices derived from Asian healing techniques to address physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our being that build energy levels, increase the metabolism, and harness our inner power to strengthen our performance as leaders.

GrowthGrowth  This session focuses on power and influence.  We begin with discussing the connotations and implications of these phenomena, and how we impact others.  Together, we will explore purposeful actions to encourage synergy in the team setting, and discover methods to overcome negativity and implement positive change.  Using borrowed cultural perspectives, we will analyze the concept of the collective conscious and use this concept to initiate positive organizational growth and change.

Self- Awareness and Reflection This session focuses on discovery. We begin with discussion regarding the roles and perceptions of women in world cultures. Participants will come to understand how mental models shape who we are and how we define ourselves. We will introduce new mental models and begin to shed stale ones. Using various tools and borrowed cultural perspectives, we will discover our deep-rooted ways of being, and use this information to understand our actions, motivations, and tendencies and how they relate to those around
us and impact our performance as leaders.

Rest & Relaxation

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