Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a process of developing talent to meet the current and future human resource needs of the organization.  A succession program is a deliberate and systematic effort by an organization to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, retain and develop intellectual knowledge capital for the future, and encourage individual advancement.

A succession Plan will enable organizations to respond positively to the projected human resource shortages over the next several years, and important and critical role within government, profit and non-profit businesses.  Making provisions for the development, replacement, and strategic use of personnel in key positions will prepare you for that role.

Why your organization should be interested:
The most successful succession planning processes work to integrate multiple existing systems including performance review, coaching, internal recruiting efforts, and training and professional development activities.  Professionals who participate in each day of the workshop will develop an understanding and appreciation of their current internal systems in order to plan and implement an integrated succession plan for the future well-being of their organization.


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