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Succession Planning is a process of developing talent to meet the current and future human resource needs of the organization.  A succession program is a deliberate and systematic effort by an organization to ensure leadership continuity in key positions, retain and develop intellectual knowledge capital for the future, and encourage individual advancement.

A succession Plan will enable organizations to respond positively to the projected human resource shortages over the next several years, and important and critical role within government, profit and non-profit businesses.  Making provisions for the development, replacement, and strategic use of personnel in key positions will prepare you for that role.

Who should attend?
CEO's, VP's, Division Heads, Senior Managers of:
• Human Resources
• Succession Planning
• Employee Relations
• Employee Retention
• Organization Development
• Talent Management
• Leadership Development
• Learning & Development
• Recruitment & Selection
• Compensation & Benefits

Why your organization should attend?
The most successful succession planning processes work to integrate multiple existing systems including performance review, coaching, internal recruiting efforts, and training and professional development activities.  Professionals who participate in each day of the workshop will develop an understanding and appreciation of their current internal systems in order to plan and implement an integrated succession plan for the future well-being of their organization.

Organizations that plan and implement a strategic Succession Plan have realized these benefits:
• Solid systems in place to meet future human resource shortages
• Identification of employee competencies for every key position
• Systemized method to identify, train and promote high potentials
• Received ROI on employee training and development programs
• Dramatically reduced turnover of premium employees
• Transitioned to a performance oriented culture
• Identified a cadre of replacements for key positions
• Realized higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement
• Known as an employer of choice!     


Individual Program cost is indicated after each session below.

Certificate Program - $685   includes all sessions - a savings of more than $250

A $200 certificate program team discount is available for organizations what send a team of 4 or more. 

April 22 | 8 am - noon | Growing Organizational Leaders - 4 hrs | $115
May 6 | 8 am - noon | Needs Assessment - 4 hrs| $115
May 20 | 8 am - 4 pm | Succession Planning Basics - 8 hrs| $239
June 3 | 8 am - noon | Coaching Top Performers- 4 hrs| $115
June 17 | 8 am - noon | Retaining & Attracting Top Performers - 4 hrs| $115
June 27 | 8 am - 4 pm | Creating & Presenting Your Succession Plan - 8 hrs| $239

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Earn Recertification Credit Hours HR Certification Institute 2014 Seal

This Succession Planning Certificate program has been approved for 26.75 general recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program.  It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.

Growing Organizational Leaders- 4 hrs
An essential dimension of succession planning systems is based on the assessment of performance results, an individual's potential, and a set of leadership and organizational competencies valued by the organization. This module provides an overview of current organizational trends and activities in leadership development.

• Create and define a leadership model for your organization
• Overview of the various leadership models
• Practical exercise: Constructing a leadership model for your organization
• Identify core competencies that support your leadership model
• Identify the core competencies in your organization
• Practical exercise: Selecting core competencies for your organization
• Analyze the elements of an integrated leadership system destined for succession planning
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Needs Assessment- 4 hrs
Many times developmental planning ends when an employee's goals have been clarified for the year. In order to keep energy around those plans, it is important to focus the employee's attention, identify daily actions, and help integrate new learning, sustain growth and accommodate change.

· Identify measurable competencies
· Group discussion: Sharing experiences with various assessments implemented
· Determine appropriate methods for assessing employee competencies
· Master effective assessment strategy
· Leverage your decision whether to use off-the-shelf or customized assessment tools
· Create an employee developmental plan based on assessment results for succession planning purposes
· Developmental planning and your organization
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Succession Planning Basics - 8 hrs
Participants will take part in a group activity to discuss the following issues:

· Define succession planning, its purpose, benefits and strategic direction
· Identify the key components of a succession plan
· List the necessary roles and responsibilities for planning and implementation
· Identify who needs to be on the management team
· Determine how Human Resources must be seen as a strategic partner
· Assess the benefits of using external consultants
· Define what type of management support and resources are required to successfully implement a succession planning system
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Coaching Top Performers - 4 hrs
To support the training and development of high potential employees it may be appropriate to provide coaching support. In this module we define coaching, the benefits of coaching within your organization, a coaching process and the required skills.

· Identify and act upon coaching opportunities
· Use a Coaching Map to guide interactions
· Establish a coaching partnership with clear expectations
· Effectively lead a GAPS discussion to clarify goals
· Build a developmental plan that is specific and motivating
· Use the communication cycle to support interactive coaching opportunities
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Retaining & Attracting Top Performers - 4 hrs
Succession planning creates happier, more productive employees and positive bottom-line results for the organization. Organizations need to plan for future leadership needs. Management can leverage their succession planning and employee development.

· Recognize the need to retain employees-regardless of external factors such as the economy and job market
· Recognize the factors that contribute to employee retention
· Recognize the role you as a manager play
· Hold a retention discussion meeting with employee to uncover their reasons for staying with the organization
· Identify and implement easy, inexpensive retention strategies
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Creating & Presenting Your Succession Plan - 8 hrs
When designing a succession planning system, it is important to make sure the system is appropriate for your organization. This module will provide participants with a comprehensive overview and help assess what type of system will best meet the needs of their organization.

· Evaluating succession planning, its purpose, benefits and strategic direction
· List the essential conditions required to support a succession plan
· Identify the key components of a structured succession planning process
· Benchmark on five steps to building an effective Succession Plan:
           1.                     Communication
           2.                     Position Assessment
           3.                     Performance Assessment
           4.                     Developmental Actions
           5.                     Placement
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