Medical Coding: Codesmart

To meet increased demand within the medical field and job opportunities, we now offer Medical Coding programs for new professionals and existing professionals.

With job opportunities in hospitals, physician practices, insurance companies and all other health care organizations, trained coders are in demand as the health care industry continues to grow and evolve. The position requires accuracy in that the way a medical procedure is coded determines everything from health decisions to how the company recevies the financial reimbursement.

The medical industry's upcoming switch to the ICD-10 coding system makes this a hot job field. The industry is transitioning from using some 13,000 medical codes to more than 400,000 variations in ICD-10, which will require many more trained professionals in the short and long term.

SUNY Oswego has partnered with Codesmart University to bring you a curriculum that is one of the most comprehensive and robust in the nation. Our Codesmart program takes place online, offering the flexibility of anytime, anywhere training. Our programs prepares coders, administrators and clinicians to be the top performers in this field through new knowledge and enhanced skill sets to successfully pass any ICD-10 certification exam.

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