Delegating For Business Success

SUNY Oswego Phoenix Center

Offered next in Fall 2014

Delegation has always been an essential supervisory and managerial competency. In today's lean, competitive workplace, it's a survival skill for organizational success. This lively new look at an old skill addresses today's delegation challenges with a workable plan and many practical exercises to ensure successful implementation. In this course you will learn to: assess your own delegating ability and address your hesitations about delegation; respond rapidly to changing circumstances and employ time and resources more productively; delegate effectively in team, virtual and cross-functional environments; give employees the authority and responsibility they need to get the job done; avoid common mistakes of delegation, including reverse delegation, identify which types of tasks and responsibilities should be delegated and which ones should not; monitor the delegation process; evaluate progress, identify problems and reward success; improve goal-setting, prioritizing, planning, communication and feedback skills; delegate across the organization, to peers, subordinates and team-members.

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