Academic Advisement

Because your major, class standing, transfer credit and goals, as well as work and family responsibilities, are different from others, here we offer general information. You will want to e-mail or call our office at 315.312.2270 to speak with an adviser early on as you consider returning to college.

We offer four evening degrees and one minor:


Your degree consists of General Education requirements, major requirements and electives. Everyone will have different requirements depending upon when they were accepted, how many credits they transferred to Oswego and which major they declared. The requirements you complete may be different than the person sitting next to you in class. Always check with your adviser whenever you have questions about items such as which courses to take or your particular requirements.

Class Attendance

Always pay close attention to the attendance policies for each class you attend. Every professor decides what his or her policy will be and you need to be aware of the rules. If you need to be absent or late, let the professor know why - BUT do not do it in front of the entire class. Many professors are aware that adult students have different responsibilities than traditional students and will bend or adjust the rules occasionally. They do not change them for an entire class. Speak to professors either before or after class as they are more apt to make an individual exception quietly.

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Remember we are here to help. Feel free to contact us by calling 315.312.2270 or e-mailing

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