SUNY Oswego in the High Schools

High School Students SUNY Oswego in the High Schools provides an opportunity for high school students to enroll in SUNY Oswego courses at their high school to get a start on earning college credit.  Courses are offered at participating high schools throughout New York State.  

To receive SUNY Oswego credits, students must enroll and pay through this website.  Students who do not pay, will be dropped and will not receive SUNY Oswego credit for their course(s).  Credits may be used at SUNY Oswego or transferred to other Colleges and Universities.  Upon high school graduation, students will be mailed 1 official transcript, which can be sent to the College or University they will be attending.  Students can request additional official transcripts for an additional fee.  It is up to the receiving institution as to how credit is awarded.  

Check with your school to determine which courses are approved to be offered at your school. Not all courses are available at every school. 

The following courses are available; all 3 credit courses.  Each 3 credit class costs $175.
ASL 101, FRE 201, FRE 202, GER 201, GER 202, SPA 201, SPA 202, HIS 202, HIS 203, CRW 206 and CRW 208

New Visions: The New Visions is a competitive, rigorous, immersion-based program for college-bound seniors who have an interest in the law and government, health care or business fields.  Oswego County BOCES (CiTi) and SUNY Oswego developed a partnership to host the programs at Sheldon Hall on the SUNY Oswego campus.  This program is offered in conjunction with CiTi and is open to residents of Oswego County.  This program allows seniors to earn 12 college credits by taking a series of relevant courses through the course of the academic year. ENG 101, ENG 102, HSC 243 and PSY 100

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PLEASE NOTE: Students will be able to pay their bill online once they receive a letter from SUNY Oswego containing additional registration information.

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