Oswego Emeriti Association

Memorial Book Project

Memorial Books Honoring Deceased Emeriti


Joseph Braco
     Handbook of Technical Writing by Gerald J. Alred, et. al.

James Leflore
     Landscape of the Mind:  Human Evolution and the Archeology of Thought by John F. Hoffecker

Tullio "Leo" Garzone
     Teaching Harry Potter:  The Power of Imagination in Multicultural Classrooms by Cahterine L. Belcher


William D. Todd
     Technology and Culture from teh Renaissance to the Present, 2nd ed. by Thomas J. Misa

Ernest Luongo

     Bioethics Around the Globe by Catherine Myser

Owen Pittenger
     The Aging Intellect by Douglas H. Powell

Marietta Quinn
     Embedded Librarians:  Moving Beyond One-shot Instruction by Association of College and Research Libraries

Nancy Osborne
     Women's Poetry and Popular Culture by Marsha Byrant

Oebele Van Dyk
     Requirements Engineering:  Fundamentals, Principles and Technologies by Klaus Pohl

Mary Wiecha
     Contextual Practice:  Assemblage and the Erotoc in Postwar Poetry and Art by Stephen Fredman

Charles Coward
     The Technology Trap:  Where Human Error and Malevolence Meet Powerful Technologies by Lloyd J. Dumas

Theodore C. Moss

      The Nature and Nurture of Giftedness: A New Framework for Understanding Gifted Education by David Y. Dai


 Joan Gibson

      Counseling Sexual and Gender Minorities by Lynne Carroll

 James R. Hastings

      Educational Leadership and Planning for Technology by Anthony G. Picciano

 James "Roger" McLaughlin

      Science and Religious Anthropology:  A Spiritually Evocative Naturalist Interpretation of Human Life by Wesley Wildman

 Richard Shineman

      Graff's Textbook of Routine Urinalysis and Body Fluids

 Alvin M. Westcott

      Three Cups of Tea:  One Man's Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations . . .One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson


  Faiz S. Abu-Jaber

      Measuring Democracy: A Bridge Between Scholarship and Politics by Gerardo Munck

 Donald L. Buck

      School Leaders Our Children Deserve by George Theoharis

 John Etherington

      To be added when received

 J. Donald Herring

Alleviating Poverty Through Profitable Partnerships:  Globalization, Markets, and Economic Well-Being by Patricia Werhane

 Richard Hyse

      Politics of Food Supply:  U.S. Agricultural Policy in the World Economy by Bill Winders

Cheng Chung Liu

      Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources: A Reference Handbook by Zachary A. Smith and Katrina D. Taylor      

 Rosemary Nesbitt

      The American Play:  1787-2000 by Marc Robinson

 Robert "Bert" Stirling

      Vanished Islands and Hidden Continents of the Pacific by Patrick D. Nunn

 J. Nathan Swift

      Using WEB 2.0 Tools in the K-12 Classroom by Beverley E. Crane

 Stephen Torok

      Gender Politics and Everyday Life in State Socialist East and Central Europe by Shana Penn and Jill Massino

 Paul H. Wilbur

      Treating PTSD in Battered Women:  A Step-by-Step Manual for Therapists and Counselors by Edward S. Kubany

 Ernest G. Wise

      Creating Effective Undergraduate Research Programs in Science:  The Transformation from Scientist to Scientist by Roman Taraban


Wilma Baitsell

      Thinking and Learning through Drawing in Primary Classrooms by Gill Hope

 Dudley A. Lambert

      Accountability for Results:  The Realities of Data-Driven Decision Making by Sandra Watkins

J. Richard Pfund

      CNC Programming Handbook:  A Comprehensive Guide to Practical CNC Programming by Peter Smid

 Kent B. Roseberry

      Reclaiming Dissent:  Civics Education for the 21st Century by Mordechai Gordon

 Robert L. Salisbury

      The Rise of Animals:  Evolution and Diversification of the Kingdom Animalia by Mikhail A. Fedonkin


 Norman B. Gordon

      Thinking in Psychological Science:  Ideas and Their Makers by Jaan Valsiner

 Charles F. Linn

      Reading Assessment and Instruction for All Learners by Jeanne Shay Schumm

 Lewis "Doc" O'Donnell

      Corporate Communications:  A Guide to Theory and Practice by Joe P. Cornelissen

 Harold "Hop" Powers

      The Genetics Revolution:  History, Fears, and Future of a Life-Altering Science by Rose M. Morgan

 Alfred E. Rickert

      Collaborations with the Past:  Reshaping Shakespeare Across Time and Media by Diana E. Henderson

 Frank E. Robinson

      The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies by Edward J. Hackett

 Paul M. Shaver

      Red Volcanoes:  Face to Face with the Mountains of Fire by Thames & Hudson

 Mary E. Zahn

      Play = Learning:  How Play Motivates and Enchances Children's Cognitive and Social-Emotional Growth by Dorothy G. Singer, et al. 


 Verna Bergemann

      YOU Wouldn't Understand:  White Teachers in Multi-Ethnic Classrooms by Sarah Pearce

Eugene Chermack

      Hurricanes and Society in British Greater Caribbean, 1624-1783 by Matthew Mulcahy

 Hsien-jen "James" Chu

      Taiwan in Transformation:  1895-2005:  The Challenge of a New Democracy to an Old Civilization by Junjie Huang

 John Kingston

      Rabbit (un)redeemed:  The drama of Belief in John Updike's Fiction by Peter Bailey

 Mildred Larson

      Imagining the African American West by Blake Allmendinger

 George Nikas

      Word Sorts and More:  Sound, Pattern, and Meaning Explorations K-3 by Kathy Ganske

James Soluri

      Broadway [videorecording]:  The American Musical (DVD's)  a film by Michael Kantor

Wesley Sweetser

      The Essential Wayne Booth edited and with an introduction by Walter Jost

Leo G. Rogers

      Becoming A Language Teacher: A Practical Guide to Second Language Learning and Teaching by Elaine Kolker

 Raymond Wedlake

      Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine by Wendy Lower


Leonard Becker

      The American State Normal School:  An Instrument of Great Good by Christine Ogren

James Burling

      Pells' Equation by Edward Barbeau

Robert Deming

      SAS for Linear Models by Ramon Littell, Walter W. Stroup, Rudolf J. Freund

  Carlton Gerbracht

      Sustaintable Nuclear Power

 I. David Glick

      Communication, Technology and Cultural Change by Gary Krug

       Wired for Speech:  How Voice Activates and Advances the Human-Computer Relationship by Clifford Nass

Harry Hawkins

      Electric Bicycles:  A Guide to Design and Use by William C. Morchin

      Practical electronics:  A Self-Teaching Guide by Ralph Morrison

William E. Huss
     Developing Technical Training:  A Structured Approach for Developing Classroom and Computer-Based Instructional Materials by  Ruth Colvin Clark

Mary Lou Park

      Nutrition & Diet Therapy by Ruth A. Roth

M Estellie Smith

      Visual Anthropology:  Essential Method and Theory by Fadwa El Guindi


 Nevart Boghosian

      America's "Failing" Schools: How Parents and Teachers can Cope with No Child Left Behind by W. James Popham

       Walking the Road:  Race, Diversity, and Social Justice in Teacher Education by Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Elizabeth Brindle

      Information Representation and Retrieval in the Digital Age by Heting Chu

Orla Loper

      The Monarch Butterfly:  Biology & Conversation by Karen S. Oberhauser & Michelle J. Solensky

John Readling

      The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through:  Changing School Supervisory Practice One Teacher at a Time by Carolyn J. Downey...[et at.]

      Beginning the Assistant Principalship:  A Practical Guide for New School Administrator by John C. Daresh

David A. See

      Management Strategies in Athletic Traning by Richard Ray

Gardner "Tully" Wells

      Developing the Physical Education Curriculum:  An Achievement-Based Approach by Luke E. Kelly, Vincent J. Melograno


J. Robert Harrison

      Freshwater Fishes of the Northeastern United States:  A Field Guide by Robert G. Werner

Hazel Hewitt

      Practical Teaching Methods, K-6:  Sparking the Flame of Learning by Pamela Fannin Wilkinson, Margaret A. McNutt, Esther S. Friedman

      Teaching 4 to 8 year-olds:  Literacy, Math, Multiculturism and Classroom Community edited by Carollee Howes

Frances S. Koenigsberg

Why Gender Matters:  What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Sex Differences by Leonard Sax

Charles Shoemaker

      The Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Design Primer by A. Sudhakar Hingham

Charlie Sweeting

      Mopar Muscle:  50 years by Robert Genat and David Newhardt

John W. Walcott

      Excursions in Computational and Diophantine Number Theory by Peter Borwein  


Klaus Burkhardt

Family Secrets and the Contemporary German Novel:  Literary Explorations in the Aftermath of the Third Reich by Elizabeth Snyder Hook

      Rochester, NY:  Camden House, 2001

Robert Crego

      Henry James and the Imagination of Pleasure by Tessa Hadley

Kenneth Jones

The Student Evaluation Standards:  How to Improve Evaluations of Students by The Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation; Arlen R. Gullickson, Chair

Beyond Standardized Testing:  Better Information for School Accountability and Management by George W. Elford

Thomas Mustico

        Computer Based Testing:  Building the Foundation for Future Assessments by Craig Mills

John Somerville

        The Magic of Ceramics by David W. Richerson; with forward by Bonnie J. Dunbar

Melvina Svec

      From Dominance to Disappearance:  The Indians of Texas and the Near Southwest, 1786 - 1859 by F. Todd Smith

Anthony Van Geet

        Chemistry of the Environment by Thomas G. Spiro, William M. Stigliani, 2nd ed.

K. White Warner

        Making Connections: Communications Through the Ages by Charles T. Meadow


Girgis Ghobrial

Mobilizing Islam:  Religion, Activism, and Political Change in Egypt by Carrie Rosefsky Wickham

Louise Hess

      The Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders by Dana K. Cassell

Helen Buckley Simkewicz

      I Love You the Purplest by Barbara M. Joosse

      In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak

      Max's Dragon Shirt by Rosemary Wells

      Little Bear Brushes His Teeth by Jutta Langreuter

Robert Steinen

      F. Holland Day (portrait photography) by Pam Roberts

      Zwolle:  Wanders Publishers; Amsterdam:  Van Gogh Museum, c2000


Richard Benjamin

      The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer by Bobby Clark

      The Complete Encyclopedia of Soccer: The Bible of World Soccer by Keir Radnedge

Helen Hicks

      The Final Frontiers, 1880-1930:  Settling the Southern Bottomlands by John Solomon Otto

William E. Huss

      Developing Technical Training: A Structured Approach for Developing Classroom and Computer-based Instructional Materials

 Shaojun Lu

      Reading in Information Retrieval by Karen Sparck Jones

Dorothy Mott

      Academic Advising:  A Comprehensive Handbook by Virginia N. Gordon

Louise Ostberg

      Sports Injury Management by Marcia K. Anderson

Dr. Robert Otis

      Educational Assessment of Students by Anthony J. Nitko

Dr. Erwin Palmer

      Northrup Fry on Myth:  An Introduction by Ford Russell

Dr. Jose Perez

      Gabriel Garcia Marquez by Joan Mellen

William Shigley

     Conflicting Communication Interests in America:  The Case of National Public Radio by Tom McCourt.


Helen Benjamin

Balanced Reading Strategies and Practices:  Assessing and Assisting Readers with Special Needs by D. Ray Reutzel (Douglas Ray)

 William Drake

      French Women Poets of Nine Centuries:  The Distaff and the Pen by Norman Shapiro

 Grace Manwaring

      The Academic Library: Its Context, Its Purpose, and Its Operation by John M. Budd

Dr. Vernon Rank

      Pros and Cons: A Debaters Handbook by Trevor Sather

Robert Sykes

      Atmosphere Thermodynamics by Craig F. Bohren


Vincent Barone

      Teaching Methods for Today's Schools:  Collaborating and Inclusion by J. Scott Hewitt, Kathleen S. Whittier

Dr. Theodore Beers

      The Virtual and the Real:  Media in the Museum by Selma Thomas and Ann Mintz, Editors

      A Philosophy of Mass Art by Noel E. Carroll

Dorothy Brown Clark

      From the Garden to the Street:  An Introduction to 300 Years of Poetry for Children by Moray Styles

Dr. Ruth Everett

      An Overview of Writing Assessment:  Theory, Research and Practice by Willa Wolcott and Sue M. Legg

       Great Beginnings:  Reflections and Advice for New English Language Arts Teachers and the People Who Master Them by Ira Hayes, Editor

Dr. Guenther Gerlitzki

      Prince of the Trenches:  Narrating the German Experience of the First World War by Ann P. Linder

Dr. Rufus A. Moore

      Understanding Physics by Michael Mansfield and Colm O'Sullivan

Kathleen Pendergast

      Daughters of Eve:  A Cultural History of French Theatre Women from the Old Regime to the Fin de Siecle by Lenard R. Berlanstein

Dr. James Perdue

      Charting School Change: Improving the Odds for Successful School Reform by Barbara Stanford

Dr. Virginia Radley

      Impossible Individuality:  Romanticism, Revolution and the Origins of Modern Selfhood by Gerald N. Izenberg

Walter Richmond

      Exploring Classroom Assessment in Mathematics:  A Guide for Professional Development by Deborah Bryant and Mark Driscoll

      Designing Professional Development for Teachers of Science and Mathematics by Susan Loucks-Horsley, et al

Dr. Richard Wheeler

      The Administration of  Campus Discipline:  Student, Organizational, and Community Issues by Brent G. Paterson and William L. Kibler, Editor


Dorothy Wells Haviland

      Writing Theory and Critical Theory by John Clifford

      Writing, Teaching, and Learning in the Disciplines by Anne Herrington

Dr. Richard Hubbard

      Multimedia in the Classroom by Palmer W. Agnew

Dr. Seward Salisbury

      A Wall of Separation:  Debating the Public Role of Religion by Mary C. Segers and Ted G. Jelen

Joan VanKeuren

     Sainte Marie among the Iroquois:  A Living History Museum of the French and the Iroquois at Onondaga in the 17th Century by Elizabeth Metz (Elizabeth R.)

      The Journals of Christian Daniel Claus and Conrad Weiser by Daniel Claus

      Lewis H. Morgan on Iroquois Material Culture by Elisabeth Tooker


Robert Carter

      Broken Promise:  The Subversion of U.S. Labor Relations Policy 1947-1994 by James A. Gross

Cecil Cody

      Cities with Invisible Walls:  Reinterpreting Urbanization in Post-1949 China by Kam Wing Chan

Edward Fisher

      Lines of Light:  The Sources of Dispersive Spectroscopy 1800-1930 by J.C.D. Brand

Norman Gillette

      The Enigma of Angiosperm Origins by Norman F. Hughes

Dorothy Hickok

      The Musical Classroom:  Backgrounds, Models and Skills for Elementary Teaching by Patricia Hackett, Carolynn A. Lindeman

Sylvia Irwin

      The Piano Trio:  It's History, Technics and Repertoire by Basil Smallman

      Piano by David Crombie

Lewis Lieb

      School Law:  Cases and Concepts by Michael W. LaMorte

Edward Nordby

      Gender and Russian Literature:  New Perspectives by Rosalind Marsh

George Pitluga

      Comet Hale-Bopp:  Find and Enjoy the Great Comet by Robert Burnham

      Cambridge Astronomy Dictionary by Ian Ridpath

      The Cambridge Star Atlas by Wil Tirion

      Handbook for Planet Observers by Gunter Dietmar Roth

Lewis C. Popham III

      An Ethical Education: Community and Morality in the Multicultural University edited by M.N.S. Sellers

Rinaldo Prisco

      Applied Abstract Algebra by Rudolf, Lidl

Donald Skantz

      The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tax-Free Investing by Grace Weinstein

Charles Snyder

      The Six Nations of New York:  The 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin by Robert Venables


Anita P. Bullard

      Dickens and Thackeray: Punishment and Forgiveness by John R. Reed

Robert McManus

      Authentic Assessment in Action:  Studies of Schools & Students at Work by Linda Darling-Hammond, et al

     Mathematics Classrooms that Promote Understanding by Elizabeth Fennema


Austin Blake

      Metals and Materials:  Science, Processes, Applications by R.E. Smallman

Maurice Boyd

      Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by George Knepler

David Campbell

      Handbook of Sports Medicine:  A Symptom-Oriented Approach by Wade Lillegard, et al

Charles G. Wells

      Shakespeare, The Elizabeth Plays by Susan Bassnett


 Taylor Harter

      The AutoCAD Professional's API Toolkit by Kurt Hampe, et al

Mabel Hawkinson

      Educating Young Children:  Infancy to Grade Three by Suzanne L. Krogh

Harold Williamson

      Science Teacher's Choice:  Research Activities That Work by Nancy Williamson

        Secondary Science Instruction:  An Integrated Approach by Walter A. Framer


George Stark

     Beverly Pepper:  Sculpture in Place by Rosalind E. Krauss