Campus Technology Services

Taking Steps for the Future

SUNY Oswego has committed to a three year expansion of the campus wifi as illustrated in the table below in recommended building order.  This means the buildings listed below will be fitted with enough wireless access points to cover the majority of populated space.  It also includes density coverage to ensure adequate connectivity and response rates based on the number of devices connecting, especially in classrooms.

Starting in Summer 2014 Starting in Summer 2015 Starting in Summer 2016
Mahar Lanigan, first floor Laker Hall
Lanigan, second floor Penfield Lee Hall
Rich Marano CC - old Poucher wing Cooper Dining Hall
Lee Quad (outdoor space) Marano CC - old Swetman wing Commissary
Sheldon Ballroom Hewitt Quad (outdoor space) Athletic Fields (outdoor space)
Culkin Sheldon Arena
Park/Rich Quad (outdoor space) Maintenance Building
Mary Walker
Building 20

Update, 8/18/14:  It is expected that Lanigan, second floor and Rich Hall will be completed this week.  Mahar will be completed mid-September.