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Blackboard Collaborate for Presenters

All faculty and staff can use Blackboard Collaborate to give a presentation.

Presenters should follow these steps to setup an Blackboard Collaborate presentation.

  1. Please make sure to review the "About Blackboard Collaborate" page for common Blackboard Collaborate terminology used throughout this site.
  2. If you are unfamiliar with using Blackboard Collaborate, review the  Training Opportunities page to sign-up for instructor-led workshops and/or to access on-demand Blackboard Collaborate trainings.  On-demand training for both moderators and participants is available.
  3. Make sure you have the necessary  computer configuration and audio/video devices to use Blackboard Collaborate.
  4. Choose how you and your participants would like to access the Blackboard Collaborate session.  There are two options available for accessing Blackboard Collaborate, either through the ANGEL integration or directly from a web address.
  5. Inform your participants on how to access the session.
  6. On the day of your presentation, enter your session early and be sure to run the Audio Setup Wizard to ensure that Blackboard Collaborate has properly detected the audio/video devices that you will be using.  This can be done by going to the Tools menu->Audio->Audio Setup Wizard within Blackboard Collaborate.

Note: Mac users - a recent Apple security change may prevent Collaborate from launching. If this occurs, please read this article for instruction on how to work-around this problem.