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About Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is web-conferencing software that allows you to either present or participate in a conference all from the Web. Listen to or give a presentation from your office, home, wherever you can find a computer connected to the Internet! Common uses for Blackboard Collaborate include teaching, online workshops, online meetings, and general presentations.  More information is available from Blackboard Collaborate website.

Benefits of using Blackboard Collaborate

The number one benefit of using Blackboard Collaborate is the cost and time savings.  By being online anywhere in the world, users can participate in a Blackaboard Collaborate session as long as they have an Internet connection.  No travel is required.   However, in order to have an effective online, live session, there must be some interactivity in order to keep your audience engaged and for you to receive feedback. 


Everyone using Blackboard Collaborate should first understand some Blackboard Collaborate lingo commonly used for online presentations.  These terms will be used throughout this site:

  • Blackboard Collaborate Moderator:  A moderator is what Blackboard Collaborate calls the leader of the presentation.  It is the person who controls the activities of the presentation.  It is the teacher, instructor, presenter.  The Blackboard Collaborate moderator has access to all Blackboard Collaborate's features.
  • Blackboard Collaborate Participant: These are the people that are listening to your presentation.  They are the students, attendees of the presentation.  They have a limited set of Blackboard Collaborate's features.
  • Blackboard Collaborate Room: This is your "virtual classroom" and is where you and your participants will go to give and attend an online presentation. 
  • Blackboard Collaborate Session:  This is a particular session given in an Blackboard Collaborate Room.  Just like there is a physical classroom on campus with sessions occuring at different dates and times, there are sessions that take place in a Blackboard Collaborate Room.

Licensing and Hosting

Blackboard Collaborate and its associated products (Blackboard Collaborate Plan and Publish) have been licensed to the campus through SUNY ITEC, which also hosts our ANGEL installation.


Those having issues using Blackboard Collaborate either as a moderator or participant, can call the SLN Help Desk at 1-800-875-6269.  Please see their website for hours of operation.