Campus Technology Services

Taking Steps for the Future

TechNews - September 2012

This is a summary of the activities supporting faculty, staff and student technology services at SUNY Oswego that occurred during Summer 2012.

Reminders - Please make sure that your co-workers know about these

  1. Routine Service Outage
    As part of Campus Technology Services' efforts to keep servers running at optimum levels, a regular maintenance period has been designated. From 6AM to 10AM on the second Sunday of each month, several services such as E-mail, editing of both departmental and personal web pageswill not be available. The next scheduled outage is Sunday, October 14th, 2012.
  2. NYALERT - our emergency notification system
    For information on NYAlert: or 
    visit to sign up.
  3. RAVE Guardian - our campus safety system
    For information on Rave Guardian or to sign up:
  4. Patch Wednesdays
    CTS now has the capability of updating your campus owned computers for security fixes as well as functionality on a regularly scheduled basis. This may include software updates to programs such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word or to change Windows settings to better support your computers. In order to streamline this process we will only perform these updates on Wednesdays.  These changes will be implemented only after thorough internal CTS testing. You may possibly notice a slight slowdown in computer performance at that time. Updates are added to a CTS calendar so you may see what changes have occurred to your computer on any given day or that are scheduled to be done.

    Technology Support Center

    The Help Desk Support Specialist position has been filled.  Nick Ross started at the TSC on May 29th.  Please welcome him to SUNY Oswego.

    TSC was busy preparing for the start of the semester and then assisting students connecting their machines to the network starting with the arrival of new students to campus.   Approximately 250 machines were assisted.

    Four new student workers were trained over the course of a week long training program.  They have been integrated into the TSC and have been helping users.

    Our HEAT ticketing system replacement project is in full swing.  We are replacing our HEAT system with a more up-to-date ITIL service management system.  These systems have the potential of allowing a better ticketing system as well as allowing change, process and knowledge management, end-user self-service and use on mobile devices.  We have narrowed down the selection to two products, FrontRange ITSM and ServiceNow.  Demonstrations have been conducted with the larger CTS group.  Some CTS staff have also logged into both systems to get a better understanding of each system  Feedback has been collected and we are working on scheduling reference calls with some other universities and companies who have used the products.  We are also waiting on final pricing and then will make a decision in mid-September.

    You can reach us by phone at 312.3456 or on site at 26 Lanigan Hall, on Facebook at "SUNY Oswego - Campus Technology Services" on Twitter at or our website.

    Learning Management System

    ANGEL was upgraded to version 8 on August 20-21st.   One of the biggest reasons for upgrading to version 8 is enhanced browser functionality with Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome.

    Please check the ANGEL website for dates and times for upcoming workshops.

    If you are interested in setting up a community group, please visit the ANGEL web site at Community groups are limited to academic and/or university related activities only.

    Professional Development

    Please check for dates, times and registration of Fall workshops.  Workshops are being offered on Elluminate Live web conferencing, Lecture Capture, Multimedia Creation, Maintaining Your Personal Computer, LakerApps Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Sites, Mountain Lion and Windows 7, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  We are also offering a "CTS Projects" workshop for those interested in what CTS is working on and an "Overview of CTS Services" workshop to review many of the technology services CTS provides.

    An official announcement of our workshops is available from our CTS Workshops 2012 news article.

    Self-paced, on-demand tutorials are also available from our iTunes U site.  Tutorials covering Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and LakerApps Sites are currently available. 

    ANGEL workshops are available from the main ANGEL website.

    Updating your department web site with Ingeniux workshops are available at the Ingeniux Training site.

    The Skillport e-learning software is available to all faculty, staff and students.  Skillport includes business and technology-related courses (including Office 2010) as well as courses and test preps needed to prepare you for many business and technical certifications.   Get started at the Skillport home page.

    Software News

    SUNY Oswego faculty and staff may purchase a copy of either MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (PC version) or Office 2011 (Mac version) for use on their personal computers for $9.95 plus tax.  This "Home Use Program" is made available to faculty and staff through the campus purchase of the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  Details of how to go about purchasing can be found from the CTS MS Office Home Use Program (HUP) page.

    Microsoft offers students a significantly reduced price on its products.  For the special pricing and to buy online visit

    Web Update

    Campus Technology Services (CTS) would like to inform users that new releases of browsers aren't always fully compatible with some web-based campus services that you need to access.  The use of an unsupported browser can result in inconsistent or unpredictable behavior when working in applications.  Please check with the TSC before updating.

    CTS and Public Affairs are working on a new mobile website that will be available as an app download from the Apple and Google marketplaces.  The mobile site is in the process of being converted into a more flexible, robust framework that will allow it to be easily published to the appropriate mobile stores.  In the very near future, we will be working on integrating ANGEL into the mobile site so faculty and students can work on their courses from their mobile devices.

    We are still evaluating portal products.  We spent a good share of time in the late spring/summer working with ITEC on implementing a sandbox instance of the Luminis portal which is an Ellucian (former Sungard) product.  We will be meeting in September to review the Luminis implementation.

    Lecture Capture

     After two years of piloting different systems, a final lecture capture product was selected and it is Panopto.  This selection was made based on feedback from faculty using various systems throughout the two years, student feedback, and what worked best with our classroom infrastructure and learning management system.  It is currently available for use in certain lecture rooms.  Please see our Lecture Capture website for more information.

    A special thank you to all of the faculty that assisted us in testing the various systems.  This includes Kevin White, Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt, Jack Narayan, Michael Mullen, Scott Preston, Bill Goffe, John Kane, David Valentino, Steve Abraham, Chuck Spector, Hema Rao, Anthony Contento, and Erin Benay.

    New Student Orientation

    CTS is presented to students and parents and staffed a table at the Crusin the Campus session for them to ask further questions.  All students received our technology checklist and USB thumb drive with the Cisco NAC agent, Sophos antivirus software and links to Windows and Apple operating system updates.  These will assist in getting students ready to connect to the Residential network.  Presentation and technology checklist can also be accessed online at

    Desktop Support

    Over the summer, our technicians have continued to aid faculty, staff and students in resolving hardware, software, and account related issues. Since the beginning of May Campus Technology Services technicians have assisted in the resolution of 195 hardware, 331 software, and 93 account related support requests.

    Equipment Deployments

    This summer new equipment has been configured and installed within: Athletics Department, Campus Life, Counseling and Psychological Services Department, Curriculum and Instruction Department, Extended Learning Department, Health Promotion and Wellness Department, International Education, Public Affairs, Psychology Department, School of Business, and Technology Education Department. Along with the Athletics Lab, CARP lab, Institutional Research, Provost Office, Service Learning, Student Advisement, Technology Education lab (new), Tyler Box Office, Walker Health Center, and New Faculty.

    Windows 7

     Over the Summer Campus Technology Services (CTS) has continued the deployment of Windows 7 to faculty, staff and lab computers. In addition to deployments of new equipment, Campus Technology Services has re-imaged computers for Extended Learning, Rice Creek, Psychology, Compass, Grad/Research, Earth Sciences, Philosophy, International Education, Recreation & Intramural's, Res Hall Directors, Alumni, Biology, Human Resources, Judicial Affairs, Athletics, Campus Life, Walker Health, Counseling Center, Life Styles Center, Sociology/Anthropology, Advanced Technology Classrooms and CTS managed computer labs to Windows 7.

    LABMAN 2012

    In June, Campus Technology Services hosted a two day Academic Lab Management Conference (LabMan 2012). This conference attracted approximately 160 participants from around the world, participants traveling from as far as Dublin Ireland, and Southern Australia to attend.


    As part of the summer re-imaging process Campus Technology Services has expanded the availability of Virtual applications. Most campus computer labs now run the Citrix Receiver, which will allow applications that are shared from the virtual environment to appear to be locally installed. This functionality will allow Campus Technology Services the more rapidly deploy, maintain or update applications with appropriate licensing within the campus lab environment.


    Campus Technology Services is currently working with our colleagues within SUNY and external vendors on two security initiatives designed to protect and improve the security of your SUNY Oswego credentials. These two initiatives are the implementation of Secure LDAP, and SAML Federation. The implementation of Secure LDAP will insure that external vendors who are authorizing users against our local LDAP services communicate in a fully encrypted manner. SAML Federation will move security one step farther by ensuring that external vendors never receive your authorization credentials (lakerNet ID/Password) but instead users are authenticated locally and only authorization is communicated to the remote site.


    • Admissions - revised SAAZAPP form as requested, completed the advance placement test score load project (AP scores now available in SOATEST form), developed an ARGOS report to send a letter to search respondents
    • Institutional Research - Developed a midterm grade report , complete two other modifications and assisted with SDS transmissions
    • Alumni/Development - Revised receipt and gift acknowledgement process; began the Campus Call project
    • Financial Aid - Revised program to report students with Title IV aid for upcoming audit; provided a report of institutional scholarships received by freshmen living on campus, in state students, and internationals
    • Registrar's / Extended Learning - built the (myOswego) web app for Extended Learning's Full Year Program. High school students will use the electron application rather than submit a paper form. 
    • Registrars - developed an Argos report to assisted in testing scenarios proposed for changes to academic standing rules; adapted five reports to include more data items; assisted in determining problems with CAPP reports
    • Student Accounts - Assisted in the return of title IV loan disbursements that were not completing due to software bugs; revised ARGOS cube as requested
    • Orientation/First Year Advisement - developed a program to create a population selection from a file containing students that will be attending a program. The pop sel is used to create CAPP reports.
    • Housing - Identified problematic room assignments leading to inaccurate information being loaded in Banner
    • Parking - AIMS Training and conversion of existing extract / upload programs
    • Public Affairs - Revising scholarship reporting to update data preparation as done with P83005
    • Admissions - completed project to load AP scores to SOATEST, replacing need to scan documents; resolved issues in generating CAPP reports and mislabeled BDMS prior college documents
    • Institutional Research - High school and prior college reporting review; revised STEM reporting as requested by Rameen Mohammadi
    • Alumni/Development - Imodules kickoff, Campus Call implementation, prospect reporting
    • Financial Aid - review of scholarship disbursement rules, submission of program to identify potential Perkins awardees (once packaged),
    • Graduate Studies - resolved issues with loading accepted applications from Intelliworks, assisted in trouble shooting issues found while loading applications with the new process
    • Registrars / Extended Learning - reviewed application documentation, made adjustments for high school ceeb code selection, research use of major 2 (not resolved)
    • Registrars - developed a view for DegreeWorks which imports applicants with a converted major code;
    * Registrars - completed program to request transcripts from andy input pop sel;
    * Registrars - assisted in software upgrades so that catalog information can be exported to xml (scrcate)
    • Student Accounts - Assisted in the return of title IV loan disbursements that were not completing due to software bugs; revised ARGOS cube as requested

    • Parking - AIMS Training and conversion of existing extract / upload programs, coordinated use of CashNet for collecting payments
    • Public Affairs - Revising media reporting options for freshmen, transfers, and scholarship recipients
    • Human Resources - assisted in the setup of documentation rules
    • Admissions - 2013 ASC application load review and testing
    • Institutional Research - SIRIS support, Ethnicity Survey support , completed the mid-term grade report previously developed by M. Mohammadi
    • Alumni/Development - Imodules data extract development, Campus Call project development completed
    • Financial Aid - began development of automated tracking requirement updates based on FAFSA data which identifies IRS information availability, adapted TEACH argos report as requested
    • Graduate Studies - addressed ongoing issues with loading accepted applications from Intelliworks
    • Registrar's / Extended Learning - developed an Argos program to extract completed applications for the purpose of generating registration forms
    • Registrars - developed two Argos program for extracting transfer equivalency data, assisted in advisor loading and localizations to CSS style sheet
    • Residence, Life and Housing - assisted in resolution of Millennium door access problems that resulted from a bug in vendor software, added exchange students to those selected for the Adirondack database
    • Student Accounts - Adapted a program to send all student demographic data to CashNet once/term, removed exam meeting times from student schedule provided by CashNet statement
    • Student Advisement - developed a data extract for College Student Inventory (CSI)
    • Parking - continued support of AIMS after going live
    • Human Resources - assisted in providing a current employee file to ID/Dining

    Other Administrative Support

    • Testing Landesk Profile Capture tool
    • Modification to Millenium import by adding a purge access group has fixed the problem with purging user access.
    • Worked with Eric Goodnough to set up Visual Zen on at-fs1.
    • Updating patches and Sophos on servers.
    • Assist in upgrading Sage FRS 50 for Development office.
    • Updated ldap to AD user import to run in a shorter amount of time.
    • Create Department student log in access checking program.
    • Setup Student login checking program with Admissions Department
    • Installed updates on Titanium application for Counseling Center.
    • Upgraded Theatre Manager DB and application, Web Listeners and Remote Application server
    • Fixed Millenium reports for Culkin access.
    • Wrote Crystal report for Mahar stockroom to find Standard Price not equal to zero.
    • Training Dan Salemi in Millenium and Cisco Video access.
    • Imaging computer for Graduate office for BDMS scanning.
    • Setup Student Login checking program for multiple departments
    • Made SJS Crystal report for UP.  "Arrest Summary - Sorted by Section"
    • Fixed TMA Stockroom report to account for Sales Order returns, adjusted it so that amount was subtracted correctly.
    • Worked with Symon support to do inventory for upgrade to Symon 11
    • Met with Counseling Center staffs about Web Component add on.
    • Configured old Dell 1950 to run ESXi for testing.
    • Test applications for Avecto
    • Test AIMS installer for Parking DB.
    • Upgraded Titanium Server to SQL 2008 and Titanium to version 10
    • Upgraded Apache on to latest version for Theatre Manager.
    • Setup BDMS scanning station for Graduate Office.
    • Setup AIMs application on computers in Campus Center 202 Lab for Training.
    • Upgraded tickets server to Server 2003.
    • Configure VMWare Data Recovery appliance for backups.
    • Upgraded firmware on SAN.
    • Install AIMS client on UP computers.
    • Convert existing vCenter server to a VM
    • Worked with AIMs to setup clients and Handheld ticket writers.
    • Configure new vCenter server.
    • Setup HR BDMS scanning station
    • Updated firmware on oradb-prod-01 server
    • Shutdown Flex-apps application server webpage and parking webpage.
    • Rack and setup 2 new ESXi hosts
    • Setup Titanium web component server.
    • Created program to automatically set staff, faculty and student access in AD
    • Created program to check for AD accounts that have been deleted in ldap
    • Testing new Parking website.
    • Created program to check for retired staff and change access in AD
    • Upgrade vCenter from version 4 to 5
    • Created a Millenium report for Becky Truax
    • Tested Housing director install for lab training.
    • Move 15 VMs to new ESXi hosts
    • Setup lab for Housing Director Training.
    • Install and test URL on Real Asset Management handhelds (Track4000)
    • Shutdown old Parking website
    • Attended training for Track4000 Real Asset Management
    • Decommissioned vm-srv-esxi-04 ESXi host and removed from rack.
    • Setting up test WebTMA environment.
    •  Increased HD space for pyro-srv server
    • Converted labstats-srv server to a VM.
    • Assist Day Automation in upgrading Cisco Video server and 12 cameras.
    • Replaced Cisco Video computer at UP, it was too old to function after upgrade.
    • Upgraded vm-srv-esxi-01 to ESXi 5.0 Update 1
    • Upgraded vm-srv-esxi-08 to ESXi 5.0 Update 1

    Administrative System projects 

    and support 
    • Banner (test) - installed BDMS 8.3, DEU (Banner 9 prep), Student 8.5.1 - 8.5.4, stuweb 8.5.3, facweb 8.5.3, genweb 8.5.1, webtailor 8.5.1 
    • Banner Patches - twelve SICAS patches installed to Banner production and test databases
    • Adirondack THD, CoCo: Oracle upgrade 11gR2 and hardware upgrade
    • Installed ARSYS 8.4 on production
    • BDMS - Human Resources - setup and installed scanning station, setup HR export profile
    • Web-Banner production server switched to a new VM machine
    • Resolve CashNet IP switch posting, emailing issues
    • Installed 12 Banner patches to bantest and banprod
    • Attended Help Desk software demos from Front Range and Service Now
    • Installed BDMS 8.3 on production, Student 8.5S3 on production, Finance 8.7 on test
    • Installed Oracle security patch to non-Banner databases
    • Created a Banner 9 database, which required a new VM server, Tomcat and the Banner 9 release installations
    • Refinement of Banner/Ldap data synchronization and added second (daily) account create cycle 
    • Installed 5 Banner patches to bantest and banprod
    • Luminis Portal Sandbox - worked with ITEC and SICAS to build a test Luminis portal, hosted by ITEC. Included installation of BEIS, CAS server setup to connect with our bantest database

    Provided AV support for the following events

    • Torchlight
    • Commencement Eve Dinner and Reception
    • May Commencement
    • College Council
    • Summer Orientation
    • CFA Workshop
    • Planning Meeting: Genius Olympiad
    • Auxiliary Services Fall Kickoff
    • President's Breakfast
    • Torchlight
    • New Faculty Orientation
    • Transfer Student Orientation
    • Adjunct Faculty Orientation
    • Johnson Hall General Meeting
    • Athletics dinner
    • Governor's Regional Economic Development Council
    • NYSSSA

    Campus Projects

    • Pilot webcast of events to mobile devices
    • Planning for COIL class technology support
    • Summer projects campus wide planning and coordination
    • School of Education Phase I and II planning
    • Science Building Planning
    • Penfield-Lanigan initial concept planning
    • Provided preventive maintenance in campus Advanced Technology Classrooms.
    • Energized new CATV distribution systems in Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga
    • Resuscitated convocation hall scoreboard video playback and controls
    • Tested and adjusted audio levels in Campus Center arena for all speakers to output the same level
    • Tested the video conferencing system 211 Culkin to verify that the audio was working correctly for multiple types of events
    • Installed first dual projector digital classroom control system with touch screen technology - Wilber 191
    • Design work on Sciences, School of Education, and Rice Creek, Culkin 211, Campus Center 206.

    Department Support

    • Initiated HCI lab A/V upgrade with electricians
    • Campus Recreation: Meeting regarding audio system contractor recommendation.
    • WNYO: Transmitter and exciter filter cleaning, disabling of Getner Silence Sensor Unit due to issue's with unit.
    • Meteorology broadcast lab electrical design.
    • Supervised BRC 429 productions
    • Technology support for Disability Support Services regarding Oswego High School Commencement ADA needs
    • Installed ceiling projector and projection wall screen in Mahar 303
    • Reviewed and recommended proposals for Lee Hall sound system upgrade
    • Training Session: School of Business
    • Checked WNYO transmitter readings and provided regular maintenance
    • Upgraded WTOP channel 10 to digital
    • Consulted on Athletic Hall of Fame kiosk design
    • Facilitated identification and acquisition of O-RITE grant equipment and video facilitation
    • Identified and tested video conference support for Broadcasting 450
    • Provided training sessions on classroom operations: Modern Language and Literature, English, Biology, Curriculum and Instructions, Communications Studies
    • Provided training sessions on lecture capture: Native American Studies, Earth Sciences, Music,
    • Provided training sessions on iClicker student response system: Music, Economics, Earth Sciences, Office of Business and Community Relations, Native American Studies, Math, Chemistry
    • Provided preventive maintenance: Communications Studies, WNYO
    • Provided SmartBoard training for Compass staff
    • Completed upgrades in Campus Center 143 and Mahar 303.
    • Completed digital transformation of WTOP
    • ORITE grant planning with school principals
    • Provided equipment lists for O-RITE grant participating schools

    CTS Projects or Support

    • Completed Funnelle CATV inspection, and removal of equipment from Oneida and Seneca
    • Podium upgrade in Mahar Hall ATCs
    • Initial projector upgrades in Campus Center
    • ATC control system redesign and pilot development using Crestron
    • Installed Smartboard, projector, and mini podium in Campus Center 143
    • Installed cameras for lecture capture in Mahar 208, 309, Rich 221, 319 Campus Center 211
    • Upgraded Lanigan 104 podium with new computer, audio and video control system
    • Developed Crestron programming for single and dual projector classroom.
    • Provided maintenance and repair to Digital Signage units on channels 12 and 98.1, as well as Laker Hall
    • Replaced projectors and old format projection screens in Campus Center 114, 242, 255, 306, 323.
    • Implemented Panopto lecture capture in classrooms across campus
    • Implemented iClicker student response system
    • Upgraded ten Advanced Technology Classrooms to digital control systems with touch screen technology
    • Provided preventive maintenance and classroom and other learning space presentation systems
    • Produced control system design work for specialized classrooms and CATV distribution in new science building, Park, Rice Creek in preparation for test builds
    • Upgraded five classroom projectors to HD capacity and five projection screens to accommodate the wider screen formats in Campus Center.
    • Compiled and entered campus data into the FACT2 Innovative Instructional Space Repository database
    • Technical Certificate Programs Advisory Committee

    Telecommunications Projects 

    • Rice Creek relocation to Penfield
    • Wiring in Penfield Basement for Rice Creek and wireless
    • VoIP install in Bldg 12
    • Replacement of 6911 phones to 6921's in Townhouses.
    • Multiple UFPO dig safety tickets
    • Fiber splicing on cable for Rich, Sheldon Hall, Bldg 20 and Mackin Complex
    • SOE and Science planning
    • PRI Lines - Inbound and Outbound traffic cutover to Cisco Call Manager
    • Sheldon Rack install
    • Tyler Hall cabling for wireless.
    • New cabling for Tyler Midi lab
    • Relocation of ISDN line for WRVO Harborfest Broadcast.
    • New building wide infrastructure installed in Seneca and Oneida hall.
    • Cabling for Digital AV upgrades in Lanigan lecture Halls.
    • VoIP instruments installed in Bldg 12, Commissary, Laker, Parking office and Residential Advisor rooms 
    • Support for SOE Phase 1 opening
    • Implemented new calling queues in Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts Office.
    • Support to FMO remodeling jobs for Public Affairs and Student Accounts office.

    Telecommunications Administration


    • 39 Adds
    • 8 Swaps 
    • 1 Changes
    • 172 Disconnects
    • 24 Moves
    • Generate Monthly Bills
    • Creation of online payment page and procedure for eliminating credit card machines
    • Form Updates in Google Docs
    • VoIP phone charges-Pinnacle imports
    • Support for Summer Conferences

    Networking Update

    • Attended Enterasys demo on their SIMS product.
    • Configured the RMA replacement Shaper. Upgraded firmware and restored backup configurations.
    • Provided guest wireless credentials for SOB Board, Sandy Cotter visitor
    • Installed access points in basement of Penfield for OSRP move
    • Installed new wireless controller in Lee and moved gig modules
    • ~800 hubs need to be removed from Sheldon, Seneca, and Oneida for rewiring project
    • Opened support case for Mac OS X 10.7.4 not allowing users to authenticate on the network. Apple changed how certificate verification works and it now requires OCSP in order to work
    • Replaced data racks in Waterbury, Scales, Moreland 2nd floors and Sheldon Attic East
    • Provided temporary access in THF for hall directors for summer
    • Provided temporary access for Orientation in Johnson and Riggs
    • Replaced Funnelle BDF UPS and battery
    • Replaced Poucher BDF UPS Power/Intelligence/Battery modules
    • Replaced Swetman 2nd floor UPS Power module
    • Worked on Mac OSX 802.1x connectivity issue in Mahar
    • Troubleshot Culkin switch "bad port" issue and submitted a support case, firmware update should solve it
    • Admissions moves in Sheldon
    • East campus network and Nortel phone outage turned out to be a cut fiber bundle in the basement of Park
    • Removed all network equipment from Rice Creek for construction
    • Replaced test lab switches with new equipment
    • Cleaned up new Culkin 5th floor closet
    • Moved Building 12 and Commissary to new UPS units and electrical circuits
    • Installed IP Phones in Building 12
    • Installed CUBE border element for SIP video/TelePresence connectivity to NLR Exchange, now able to call anyone on the NLR Exchange from either TelePresence unit
    • Started un-boxing and inventorying equipment for summer ResHall work
    • Provided wireless guest access for NYSSA group, Alumni weekend, Orientation, Genius Olympiad, Labman conference
    • Provided guest access for 15 wired users in Lonis
    • Provided network access to auditors in Culkin
    • Troubleshot UPS issue in Wilber, replaced with temporarily with 2 smaller units until a new replacement unit is ordered.
    • Troubleshot issue with guest wireless network for Alumni weekend, wireless controllers were all out sync
    • Looked into reported wireless issues in Walker, turned out to be mis-configured clients
    • Surveyed for access points in Wilber expansion
    • Updated layouts for Hewitt and Penfield wireless maps. Added measurements to increase accuracy of RF signals
    • Replaced original WISM module in Lee with an upgraded WISM2 wireless controller
    • Modified Culkin switches to reflect changes to the 5th floor infrastructure
    • Installed IP phones in Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Registrars office, Commissary
    • Hewitt data closet upgrades in basement, 2NW, 2SW, 2NE
    • Created firewall rules for imaging group
    • Created firewall rules for some Library services
    • Created firewall rules for new AT systems for testing
    • Created firewall rules for additional BDMS scan station
    • Created firewall rules for temporary banner access testing
    • Created CNAME entries for MyPhone and banner
    • Created signed certificate for db-test-01 secure LDAPS testing and worked with IT group on getting it installed and working properly
    • Worked with ATC group on Extron issues all around campus
    • Installed redundant power switch for analog phone gateways in Lee
    • Programmed 3D printer for network setup for Dan Tryon
    • Move, inventory and label access points for supplemental RES wireless expansion (Lonis, Mackin, Moreland, Waterbury, Scales, Funnelle) and Seneca/Oneida/Sheldon upgrades
    • Continued inventorying equipment in Mahar
    • Installed new switches in half of Seneca, still waiting for remaining data closets to be finished
    • Looked at modem timeout issue with box office credit card machine, changed initial timeout to 40seconds instead of 15seconds
    • Configured initial web boss VPN connection for WRVO field reporters
    • Fixed fax issues while at conference in Ryebrook -- changed clocking on ISR's to match up with PSTN clocking
    • Provided guest access for the Noise Project
    • Provided guest access for CBORD for Auxiliary Services
    • Troubleshot wireless issues with XP clients connected to new wireless controllers, ended up being a known client issue that we have never really experienced before but did exist prior to upgrading - no work around for it
    • Installed new switch in Wilber to accommodate additional data drops and access points for the Wilber expansion
    • Upgraded firmware on Culkin core switches to obtain support for new wireless module
    • Installed and upgraded the new wireless controller in Culkin
    • Upgraded the wireless controllers to latest firmware version
    • Enabled password caching for iOS on XPC after Apple exposed those options to us
    • Met with Nick Ross to go over networking ResNet training material
    • Opened support case to see when the NAC Agent will support OSX 10.8 - backend CCA managers and servers need to be upgraded to latest version to obtain support for the latest agent version
    • Upgraded NAC managers and servers to latest version, OSX 10.8 agent now functions
    • Installed brackets and 8 UPS and PDU units in Oneida
    • Installed brackets and 11 UPS and PDU units in Seneca 1 through 10
    • Installed horizontal wire management in Seneca
    • Installed switches in Seneca 5, 4, 3
    • Installed switches in Oneida BDF, 1, 2, 3
    • Installed new data rack, switches, UPS and PDU units in Hewitt
    • Installed new data rack, switches, UPS and PDU units in Laker
    • Installed additional data rack in Sheldon center closet for new fiber installation
    • Replaced existing 23" data rack with new 19" data rack and PDU unit in Sheldon center closet
    • Upgraded switches, UPS and PDU units in Parking office
    • Updated Intermapper maps for Laker, Hewitt, Parking office
    • Installed transfer power switch in WRVO rack in Penfield and connected WRVO equipment in our closet to generator power via source "B" on the transfer switch
    • Troubleshoot connectivity issue in Parking Office, water flooded the basement the night before and caused a loose connection to our equipment on top of the basement hatch door
    • Installed UPS in Funnelle 6N and 2S for supplemental wireless
    • Installed IP phones in Laker, Parking office
    • Created additional firewall rules for AIMS parking needs
    • Created firewall rules for Medicat LDAPS authentication
    • Created firewall rules for CashNet
    • Created firewall rules for labstats server
    • Created firewall rules for new Culkin analog gateways authentication
    • Created temporary firewall rules for Citrix XenApp services
    • Created temporary firewall rules for Adirondack access for ResLife training
    • Helped troubleshoot Nortel "static" issue, PRI trunk group to the Nortel needed resetting as the Nortel had "lost its brains" again for the trunk group
    • Looked at WRVO VPN connection for NewsBoss, enabled smart-tunnel for NewsBoss to work around browser compatibility issue
    • Upgraded Contact Center Express to v8.0x had issue with multiple and shared DN's on lines, came up with work around until we can upgrade to latest current version for Admissions, Registrar, etc.
    • Conference call with Cisco SE's about VCS appliances, they will come onsite on 8/6 to assist with setup and configuration
    • Registered card access system for Metro Center
    • Installed RMA'd PacketShaper device for the 3rd time
    • Campus wide power outage - verified equipment came back up - determined 2 modules in Lanigan core switch were affected. Called support and 2 new blades were delivered within SLA time period to get service restored
    • Provided temporary access for RA's before the official start of the term
    • Replaced Lanigan wireless controllers
    • Replaced final wireless controller in Lee
    • Installed 23 access points in Tyler for classroom wireless coverage
    • Configured supplemental access points in Lonis/Mackin/Moreland, Waterbury, Scales, Funnelle and Sheldon
    • Created wireless maps for Seneca, Oneida, Sheldon, Lonis, Mackin, Moreland, Scales, Waterbury, Funnelle, Tyler
    • Verify location of all Res access points physically installed by contractors over the summer for map locations
    • Found several access points that were not coming online, notified contractors to have their data wiring re-terminated and tested. That brought those devices back online
    • Checked on reported no wireless service in Onondaga laundry room, verified service works in areas it was designed for
    • Configured all yellow data jacks in RA rooms in Seneca/Oneida/Sheldon for IP phone service
    • Installed replacement UPS unit for Wilber 253
    • Replaced faulty power module in Lee core UPS
    • Replaced faulty UPS power modules Swetman BDF UPS
    Added all UPS and PDU units to new UPS management software for better monitoring and configuration
    • Installed new UPS and PDU units in King
    • Installed access points in new Wilber expansion
    • Installed new switches and UPS units for supplemental wireless in Lonis/Mackin/Moreland, Waterbury, Scales, Funnelle
    • Converted ports back to default res configuration that were used for HDs during the summer in THF.
    • Converted ports in Johnson back to RES ports. Johnson was used as orientation office during the summer.
    • Provided temporary resnet service in Lanigan 37C for help desk overflow
    • Sent out semesterly HEOA disclosure to all ResNet users
    • Network outage in Tyler, traced down a loop caused by a faculty member connecting both data jacks on the IP phone to the green and yellow data jacks on the wall
    • Removed RES switches no longer in Cirrus
    • Installed remaining switches, UPS and PDU units in Oneida, Seneca, Onondaga
    • Installed additional data rack and new switches, UPS and PDU units in Sheldon east closet
    • Installed data and voice connectivity to new Lee FDC trailer
    • Patched and configured all 94 new switches installed in Onedia, Seneca, Onondaga
    • Replaced 51 aging endoflife switches in Lonis/Mackin/Moreland, Scales, Waterbury, Funnelle, Johnson
    • Updated Intermapper maps to reflect all ResHall switch and UPS upgrades that took place over the summer
    • Several switches from the new ResHall orders were producing electrical arching and the "burned electrical" smell and stopped working. DOA RMA'd 3 switches for new replacement units.
    • Network outage in half of Onondaga, reseated gigastack cable to restore service
    • Troubleshot res hall front desk computer startup issues with software group

    • XBOX/PS3/Wii/other registrations: 78
    • DMCA take down notifications: 13
    • Abuse Notifications: 54

    Staff Updates

    • Harry Lagatella - Administering Cisco Unified Communications Workspace Part 1: Advanced (ACUCW1)
    • Timothy Yager - completed his CompTIA Security+ Certification .
    • Aaron Reece - completed Citrix XenDesktop Administration Certification
    • Sadig Gulaghayev - completed Drupal 7 Advanced Training.
    • Andy Michaelis and Sue Fisk  attended DegreeWorks roles and privileges setup training
    • Introduction to Crestron training in Rockleigh, NJ - Hageny, McQuin, Schleinitz
    • Service Now and FrontRange Demo -- Canning, Hageny, Perkins, McQuin, Schleinitz
    • Lumens PC190 demo - McQuin, Schleinitz, Perkins
    • Bomgar training - Canning, Hageny, McQuin, Perkins, Schleinitz
    • Crestron Core 3UI training videos - Perkins
    •  Shure Wireless Microphone training webinar: Schleinitz
    • Attended MacSource demo day in Syracuse - Greg/Matt
    • Attended Cisco Borderless Networks Mobility in Rochester - Greg/Matt/Dave/Steve
    • Cisco Live Conference, San Diego CA - Greg
    • SUNY Technology Conference, Ryebrook NY - Greg/Dave
    • Ingram Micro trip with Annese, Buffalo NY - Greg/Matt


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