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Taking Steps for the Future

Technews September 2013

Message from the CTO

I hope the start of the semester has been good for you. I know in CTS the first six weeks of school have flown by and I like to think we are accomplishing some key initiatives to help you. A couple of items I would like to highlight are:

  • Reorganization of CTS - on September 26th we reorganized CTS so that we would be better prepared to continue to deliver services at the high level that the campus requires. The goal was to streamline accountability, bring together common tasks and ensure appropriate planning for the future. More detailed information is available in our newsletter (
  • It is official - Rice Creek and Shineman are open -October 3 & 4 were the days of the official opening of the Rice Creek Field Station and the Shineman Building. These two buildings will do a lot to help our students succeed in their learning and research. The buildings represent a leap forward in technology for the campus, starting with complete wireless coverage, and the latest in digital classrooms. We are going to feature the Shineman building at this month's CTAB meeting on Thursday, October 17 at 8:00 am. 
  • Mobile device meetings - CELT and CTS continue to offer mobile device meetings on a monthly basis. About thirty faculty have shown up at the September meetings, which are held at three different times to ensure that there is sometime to meet when you are not teaching. The workshop is open to anyone interested in exploring how mobile devices may be used to enhance instruction. The October meetings will include a brief overview of the new features available in iOS 7.02, follow that with an introduction of how to use Splashtop Personal to remotely control a classroom (or other) computer connected to a projector, and as a graphics whiteboard. More information is available at

And October promises to be an equally busy month. One of the events will be this month's CTAB meeting, which will be held on Thursday, October 17 in the Shineman building, Room 122, as previously mentioned. The meeting will highlight some of the technology in the Shineman building and will also review our Google contract. All are welcome. 

Another event will be a visit by SUNY CIO, Dr. Hao Wang to the Oswego campus. Dr Wang will come on October 22 as part of his listening tour ( to hear about the state of IT at SUNY Oswego. The meeting will be held in CC114 and the agenda will be posted on the CTAB website at

Finally, I want to remind the campus that Technology Innovation Program (TIP) grant applications are due on Friday, October 18th. The TIP initiative in intended to provide a fund to improve, increase, and innovate student access to computing technology.  Guidelines and forms for TIP grants are available at


  • Hao Wang, SUNY CIO will visit the campus October 22, in 114 CC.  Agenda is being finalized and will be posted on the CTAB website when completed.
  • TIP grants due October 18

New, Upgrades and Changes to Services

Pilot Projects

  • iPad Pilot 
  • Starfish Pilot : Starfish is a student retention application that interfaces with Banner and ANGEL to assist with early intervention of students' academic performance.  A pilot group of courses, instructors and students are using it for the fall semester.

On the Horizon

  • Wi-fi overhaul being planned
  • ANGEL to Blackboard migration: This project will start with a group of courses, faculty and students in the Spring of 2015, followed by a second round in the Summer of 2015.  The entire campus will migrate for the Fall 2015 semester.  
  • New SUNY Oswego mobile app offerings: Planning is underway for adding apps into the SUNY Oswego mobile website.


Closed Ticket Performance:  These charts compare how many incidents are closed based on when they are opened. 

September 2013
Closed On Number of Incidents Percentage
Same day 187 19%
2 days 511 53%
2-5 days 185 19%
5+ days 87 9%
Total 970

Contact Info

For assistance with technical issues, please contact the Technology Support Center during normal business hours.  Walk-in to 26 Lanigan, call 315.312.3456, email or visit us on: