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TechNews - November 2012

This is a summary of the activities supporting faculty, staff and student technology services at SUNY Oswego that occurred during October 2012.

Reminders - Please make sure that your co-workers know about these

  1. Routine Service Outage
    As part of Campus Technology Services' efforts to keep servers running at optimum levels, a regular maintenance period has been designated. From 6AM to 10AM on the second Sunday of each month, several services such as E-mail, editing of both departmental and personal web pageswill not be available. The next scheduled outage is Sunday, November 11th, 2012.
    For information on NYAlert: or
    visit to sign up.
  3. RAVE Guardian
    For information on Rave Guardian or to sign up:
  4. Patch Wednesdays
    CTS now has the capability of updating your campus owned computers for security fixes as well as functionality on a regularly scheduled basis. This may include software updates to programs such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word or to change Windows settings to better support your computers. In order to streamline this process we will only perform these updates on Wednesdays. These changes will be implemented only after thorough internal CTS testing. You may possibly notice a slight slowdown in computer performance at that time. Updates are added to a CTS calendar so you may see what changes have occurred to your computer on any given day or that are scheduled to be done.

CTO's Corner

As all of you know, the SCAP program was cut from the SUNY budget this past year.  In an effort to keep technology initiatives moving, we have created a new locally funded program very similar to SCAP.  We have named it Technology Initiative Project Grants (TIP).

Please review the attached guidelines and share them with your colleagues.  The deadline to submit proposals will be Monday, 11/26/12.  After presentations and reviews are completed, the TIP committee will make its recommendations to CTAB at the February meeting.

We look forward to reviewing your innovative and interesting proposals.


Technology Support Center

ServiceNow has been picked as the new IT Service Management tool to replace the HEAT ticketing system.  It is based on the ITIL framework for service management.   Eric Smith and Nick Ross will be attending administrator training in early December.  They also received ITIL Foundations certification and will be a real asset in configuring the system for ITIL best practices.

You can reach us by phone at 312.3456 or on site at 26 Lanigan Hall, on Facebook at "SUNY Oswego - Campus Technology Services" on Twitter at or our website.


Learning Management System

Please check the ANGEL website for dates and times for upcoming workshops.

If you are interested in setting up a community group, please visit the ANGEL web site at Community groups are limited to academic and/or university related activities only.

Professional Development

CTS workshops are winding up for the semester. For dates, times and registrations, We will be offering more workshops as part of the CELT sponsored Winter Breakout and again during the Spring semester.

Self-paced, on-demand tutorials are also available from our iTunes U site. Tutorials covering Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and LakerApps Sites are currently available.

ANGEL workshops are available from the main ANGEL website.

Updating your department web site with Ingeniux workshops are available at the Ingeniux Training site.

The Skillport e-learning software is available to all faculty, staff and students. Skillport includes business and technology-related courses (including Office 2010) as well as courses and test preps needed to prepare you for many business and technical certifications. Get started at the Skillport home page.


Software News

SUNY Oswego faculty and staff may purchase a copy of either MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (PC version) or Office 2011 (Mac version) for use on their personal computers for $9.95 plus tax. This "Home Use Program" is made available to faculty and staff through the campus purchase of the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Details of how to go about purchasing can be found from the CTS MS Office Home Use Program (HUP) page.

Microsoft offers students a significantly reduced price on its products. For the special pricing and to buy online visit

Web Update

Campus Technology Services (CTS) would like to inform users that new releases of browsers aren't always fully compatible with some web-based campus services that you need to access. The use of an unsupported browser can result in inconsistent or unpredictable behavior when working in applications. Please check with the TSC before updating.

The new mobile website was launched. You can access it from from your mobile device.  News, Events, Dining Hall menus, Weather, Athletics, Directories, Maps and more are available.

Desktop Support

Campus Technology Services technicians have continued to aid faculty, staff and students in resolving hardware, software, and account related issues, technicians have assisted in the resolution of 46 hardware, 88 software, and 25 account related support requests.

Equipment Deployments

Our desktop support technicians continue to prepare and deploy new equipment as it arrives. New equipment has been configured and installed for: Chemistry Department, Experience Based Education Department, Facilities Design and Construction Finance Office, Financial Aid Office, Human Resources Office, Paint shop, Payroll Office, Philosophy Department, Political Science Department, Psychology Department, RISE Program, Registrar Office, Residence Life and Housing, Facilities Stockroom, and Technology Education Department.  

Lab Utilization Statistics

The table below displays the number of login sessions that have occurred within the campus open access computer labs over the last month.

Location # of Logins
Campus Center 207 4592
Hart Lab 756
Mahar 210 1064
Mahar 211 1165
Oneida Lab 712
Penfield 24 Hour 1666
Penfield Lab 10112
Penfield Laptops 1823
Penfield Lobby 7290
Scales Lab 485
Snygg 6 1011


  • Admissions - revised scholarship cohort program to no longer create the 'ending' cohort term with expiration; removed existing 'expired' entries, revised reporting; continued review and adaptions for check listing; SOAR project review; completed modifications to seven programs, as requested
  • Alumni and Development - completed iModules data extract and Academic Works extract; provided .csv option for matching gift report
  • Institutional Research - assisted with FADS and SDS submissions, adapted six Argos/Sqr programs as requested
  • Registrar - developed Argos extract for identifying high school students registered in the full year program for confirmation of registration mailing; modifed Course Availability links to report reserved seats; corrected reporting of midterm (S) grades
  • Res Life and Housing - Adirondack upgrade required local mods to ColfFusion files for myHousing to be readded; Conduct Coordinator upgrade required testing and removal of local modifications that were no longer necessary
  • Student Advisement/Orientation - reviewed myOswego New Student Menu and discussed possible changes


  • assisted with testing Degreeworks functionality with Registrars; coordinated a refresh of the test database at ITEC with Sue Smith (SICAS)

Document Imaging

  • Reinstalled scanning station hardware for Admissions and Registrars due to windows upgrade and/or software failures

Other Administrative Support

  • CAS server setup and testing
  • Adirondack Housing Director and Conduct Coordinator upgrades - production
  • Banner Financial Aid 8.15 release upgrade to bantest
  • ARGOS upgrade - installation on new VM servera and testing
  • Moving file shares from at-fs2 to at-fs5
  • Testing Windows 8
  • Upgraded Theatre Manager to version 9.15.19, including web-listeners.
  • Modified application that adds computers to domain to allow for dhcp client entries.
  • Setting up replacement server for cts-fs1
  • Updated Auto-IT application to support adding Windows 8 to domain.
  • Working with vendor to get Archives to work in Cisco-Video.
  • Restored weblogic-test-srv VM from backup
  • Upgraded Sophos server to version 5.1 to support Windows 8
  • Testing Sophos 10.2 with Windows 8
  • Working with Cisco support to troubleshoot archive viewing issues.
  • Replaced cts-fs1 server with new server.
  • Using CBT Nugget training class Windows Server 2012 70-410

Administrative System projects

  • Assisted Admissions with SOAR (self reported test scores) project
  • Assisted Alumni Relations and Development with iModules and Academic Works projects
  • Banner 9/Banner XE installation, review
  • Continued revision of various programs in prep for the Banner Database Extension Utility upgrade on production

Provided AV support for the following events

    SUNY events:

  • ABB Conference (Planning and Support).
  • Fall Plenary Conference (Planning and Support
  • Video conference hosting for Provost Lavallee and Brockport


Campus events:

  • CAPA scholarship announcement
  • Webcast "International Education and Higher Education: A Complex Affair "
  • Columbus Day Open House
  • Innovative Aging Symposium (in Syracuse)
  • Foundation Board meeting
  • 2012 Media Summit
  • October 27th Open House

   Department or student events:

  • Skype Concert (Serdce, a contemporary fusion band from Belarus) (Planning and Support) (Auditorium).
  • Pride Alliance panel discussion.
  • PRSSA panel discussion

Campus Projects

  • Reviewed SEI video wall proposal
  • SEI planning
  • Rice Creek planning
  • Park Hall planning
  • Mahar 467 planning

Department or Committee Support

  • Training sessions: English and Communications Studies
  • Equipment Maintenance or Setup: WNYO, Broadcasting
  • Global Awareness Conference planning.
  • Recorded news programming that featured SUNY Oswego and the ORITE Grant: SoE
  • Clean Air Sterring Committee

CTS Projects or Support

  • Re-designed and installed new distribution for Penfield CATV distribution in 1st floor TR
  • Supervised and performed upgrade to Symon Digital Appliances to Symon Enterprise Server 11
  • Relocated and reinstalled seven Symon Digital Appliances after upgrade
  • Evaluated five web streaming appliances and selected VBrick to meet needs to stream to multiple OS devices and mobile devices
  • Explored options to update areana scoreboard


  • Support for renovation in Student Accounts offices
  • Support for renovations in Public Affairs Office
  • Wiring needs for Sea Grant space (Penfield Library)
  • Installation of additional wireless locations Hewitt Union
  • Support for new campus fire alarm fiber routing
  • Cable locating for UFPO dig tickets
  • Installation of Parking Office Surveillance camera's
  • Science Engineering Technology Cost Planning
  • Romney Field House technology planning
  • Moves Add Changes
    • 10 Adds
    • 4 Swaps
    • 1 Change
    • 16 Disconnects
    • 1 Moves
  • Monthly Billing
  • Manipulation of Pinnacle tables to supply uid and sn fields to LDAP for directory needs
  • Hired new staff member: Sarah Clerkin

Networking Update  

  • Updated port descriptions for Millennium access in multiple RES buildings, provided information to Keith Kyle for maintenance purposes
  • Replaced smaller power supplies in Parking Office switches with higher capacity PSU in order to power additional POE equipment installed
  • Installed IP phones in King, Pathfinder, and University Police
  • Moved UPS units to Hewitt, Funnelle, Scales, Laker, King
  • Installed additional switch in Mackin BDF closet and patched in additional remaining access points in the basement
  • Replaced switches in Hewitt SE closet for conferences that will be taking place so we could install access points in that wing of the building
  • Installed additional access points in Hewitt SE wing for conferences
  • Fixed wiring issues with several wireless access points in Hart, Oneida, Johnson, Snygg
  • Several "down" access points in Moreland, Oneida, Snygg - power cycled to get them back working properly
  • Verified SecureW2 works on Windows 7 64bit machines
  • Looked into reported wireless issues in specific Rich classrooms with not all clients being able to connect at the same time.  Too many users in the area connecting at the same time resulting in an overload of the spectrum in the area.  Need to work out how to add additional access points to this area. 
  • Created SVI and L2 information for separate guest wireless appliance network for testing
  • Converted Science building, CC Arena, Swetman and Poucher AutoCAD files and imported into AirMagnet for surveying.  Built all walls in buildings, set wall material type, verified dimensions and exclusion/inclusion areas for future planning for additional capacity
  • Provided guest wireless services for Orientation, ABB Conference, Faculty Assembly Senate Plenary, TechEd Conference, Media Summit
  • Troubleshot WRVO reported network issues, grabbed packet captures and provided some work arounds to try
  • Tested Windows 8 wireless connectivity, found issues, working with vendors to come up with connectivity solutions
  • Upgraded NAC appliances for Windows 8 compatibility, all clients were forced to upgrade to the latest agent version to gain compatibility.
  • Verified proper switch settings for all Dir/Ast/Guest room areas where additional IP phones will be installed
  • Built Pathfinder, Mackin, Scales, Waterbury VOICE and PRELOGON networks
  • Installed additional Fabric Interconnect to Cisco UCS environment for redundancy, reconfigured system for that change
  • Worked on converting and importing InformaCast messages for 10/17 test
  • UP emergency broadcast initiation at UP dispatch
  • Looked at Metro TelePresence issue, connected with no issues and could see remote site (at Metro and CC 137)
  • Conference calls and demos with 2Ring, EnsaTech, and Imagicle for IP faxing solutions
  • Looked at reported wireless login issue, traced back to server patches applied on Sunday.  Worked with Paul to determine that multiple binds across a single connection (multiplexing binds/searches/etc) is not working properly.  Let Andy G know and put in place a temporary work around until Andy G can work with Oracle to find a permanent fix.
  • Worked on "domain not available" message from Windows 7 clients
  • XBOX/PS3/Wii/other registrations:  8
  • DMCA take down notifications:  1
  • Abuse Notifications:  11

Staff Updates

  • Grey Castle Security Training - Hageny, Norman, Perkins, Kahn, Reece,Pisa,Currier,Mariano,Lagatella,Reed,Brooks,Reitz,Dutton,Pratt,Goldzweig,Perkins,Mcquin,Smith,Fuller,Norman,Washo,Ross,Decker,Salisbury,Yager,Neuland,James,Waloven
  • Elluminate Training - Hageny, Norman, Schlenitz, Perkins, McQuin

Phone Calls to the Technology Support Center

Call Logging Statistics


Tickets Logged By Time Number of Tickets
8:00 AM - 11:59 AM 327
12:00 PM - 4:30 PM 399
4:31 PM - 9:00 PM


Off Hours


Total Tickets Logged 792