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 TechNews - December 2012

This is a summary of the activities supporting faculty, staff and student technology services at SUNY Oswego that occurred during November 2012.

Reminders - Please make sure that your co-workers know about these

  1. Routine Service Outage
    As part of Campus Technology Services' efforts to keep servers running at optimum levels, a regular maintenance period has been designated. From 6AM to 10AM on the second Sunday of each month, several services such as E-mail, editing of both departmental and personal web pageswill not be available. The next scheduled outage is Sunday, January 13th, 2013.
    For information on NYAlert: or 
    visit to sign up.
  3. RAVE Guardian
    For information on Rave Guardian or to sign up:
  4. Patch Wednesdays
    CTS now has the capability of updating your campus owned computers for security fixes as well as functionality on a regularly scheduled basis. This may include software updates to programs such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word or to change Windows settings to better support your computers. In order to streamline this process we will only perform these updates on Wednesdays.  These changes will be implemented only after thorough internal CTS testing. You may possibly notice a slight slowdown in computer performance at that time. Updates are added to a CTS calendar so you may see what changes have occurred to your computer on any given day or that are scheduled to be done.

Technology Support Center

TSC has been assisting in testing of Windows 8 network compatibility.

ServiceNow IT Service Management administrator training starts the first week in December.  ServiceNow is the ITIL based service management solution replacing HEAT.  TSC staff will be meeting with CTS divisions to learn more about how ServiceNow might be able to achieve additional operational efficiencies.  A ServiceNow partner will be assisting us in the configuration and implementation.

You can reach us by phone at 312.3456 or on site at 26 Lanigan Hall, on Facebook at "SUNY Oswego - Campus Technology Services" on Twitter at or our website.


Learning Management System

Please check the ANGEL website for dates and times for upcoming workshops.

If you are interested in setting up a community group, please visit the ANGEL web site at Community groups are limited to academic and/or university related activities only.

Professional Development

CTS workshops have ended for the semester.  We will be participating in the CELT sponsored Winter BreakOut and will be offering a number of 20 minute feature-specific workshops on LakerApps as well as longer ones on LakerApps Drive, multimedia production and lecture capture.

Self-paced, on-demand tutorials are also available from our iTunes U site.  Tutorials covering Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and LakerApps Sites are currently available. 

ANGEL workshops are available from the main ANGEL website.

Updating your department web site with Ingeniux workshops are available at the Ingeniux Training site.

The Skillport e-learning software is available to all faculty, staff and students.  Skillport includes business and technology-related courses (including Office 2010) as well as courses and test preps needed to prepare you for many business and technical certifications.   Get started at the Skillport home page.

Software News

SUNY Oswego faculty and staff may purchase a copy of either MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (PC version) or Office 2011 (Mac version) for use on their personal computers for $9.95 plus tax.  This "Home Use Program" is made available to faculty and staff through the campus purchase of the Microsoft Campus Agreement.  Details of how to go about purchasing can be found from the CTS MS Office Home Use Program (HUP) page.

Microsoft offers students a significantly reduced price on its products.  For the special pricing and to buy online visit

Web Update

Campus Technology Services (CTS) would like to inform users that new releases of browsers aren't always fully compatible with some web-based campus services that you need to access.  The use of an unsupported browser can result in inconsistent or unpredictable behavior when working in applications.  Please check with the TSC before updating.

Planning for an Ingeniux version 8 upgrade is underway. 

SUNY Oswego now has an official "SUNY Oswego Mobile" app in the Apple Store and Google Play.  The mobile website is also still available from


Desktop Support

During the month of November, Campus Technology Services technicians have continued to aid faculty, staff and students in resolving hardware, software, and account related issues. Since the beginning of November Campus Technology Services technicians have assisted in the resolution of 39 hardware, 59 software, and 17 account related support requests.

Equipment Deployments

Our desktop support technicians continue to prepare and deploy new equipment as it arrives. During the month of November new equipment has been configured and installed for: Athletics Department, Biology Department, Curriculum and Instruction Department, Earth Science Department, Economics Department, Facilities Design and Construction, Finance Office, Financial Aid Office, Mathematics Department, Modern Languages Department, Philosophy Department, Registrar's Office, RISE Program, and Sociology Department.

Lab Utilization Statistics

The table below displays the number of login sessions that have occurred within the campus open access computer labs over the last month.

Location # of Logins
Campus Center 207 4597
Hart Lab 409
Mahar 210 876
Mahar 211 996
Oneida Lab 4494
Penfield 24 Hour 1974
Penfield Lab 8950
Penfield Laptops 1712
Penfield Lobby 5885
Scales Lab 361
Snygg 6 786


  • Admissions - developed an Argos (A61033) extract to report Common App data for SUNY System Admin, continued working with staff on SOAR project, modified four programs
  • Alumni Relations/Development - completed Academic Works scholarship file extract, ongoing support with iModules implementation, developing a new  mailing extract program targeting specific giving history, modified two other programs as requested
  • Auxilliary Services - modified two programs, including Fall Fiesta promotion algorithm
  • Financial Aid - developed a program to report MBA program awarding and graduation data (P44928); revising transfer review process to include applicants that have been accepted from Admissions and returning graduate studies students
  • School of Education - developing an ARGOS extract/study to compare TK20 charges, SOE students,  and active TK20 accounts
  • Student Advisement - myOswego New Student Menu review and modification to one program
  • University Police/Parking Office - assisted staff in setting up the prorated schedule for permit refunds in AIMS and planned for one semester only permit types

Adirondack Solutions (Residence Life and Housing/Judicial Affairs)

 THD -  followed up with Adirondack with DIM (data import) issues where updates were not occurring

Conduct Coordinator -  created a DIM update action to update room assignment information in CoCo on a weekly basis

Other Administrative Support

  • Argos version 4.0 documentation update 
  • Oracle Upgrade - TMA, Adirondack, R25 and Banner databases to (test only)
  • Installed Financial Aid 8.15 release to Banner production database
  • Applied (two) SICAS patches as required
  • Moving file shares from at-fs2 to at-fs5
  • Testing Windows 8
  • Using CBT Nugget training class Windows Server 2012 70-410
  • Wrote application to uncheck power management on Ethernet adapters
  •  Setup KMS activation for Office 2013
  •  On search committee: Security System Coordinator
  • HD failed on UP video surveillance computer, replaced HD and reinstalled application.
  • Data Recovery appliance for DMZ VMs failed, fixed and tested appliance.
  •  Contacted Artsman support about Web Listeners intermittently crashing, they told us to upgrade to newest version.
  • Data Recovery appliance for ACAD VMs failed, fixed and tested appliance. 
  • Created new add domain application to include windows activation and nic power management setting.

Administrative System projects


  • Degreeworks - continued working with Registrars on Degreeworks implementation; developed customizations and applied local mods, modified scripts for advisor data loads and access changes for the Deans role, modified other security access rules as outlined by Jerret LeMay
  • CAS server setup on VM machine
  • Testing new Banner UI (user interface); installation of new Java apps and setup of Cascade and the new UI for SSB Banner (myOswego) 

Event Support

   Provided AV support for the following campus events:

  • Global Awareness Conference
  • Admissions: Veteran's Day Open House
  • College Council meeting

   Provided AV support for the following department events:

  • Video conference support for international meeting with biology department
  • Video conference support for Curriculum and Instruction class
  • Video conference support for broadcasting class

Campus Projects

  • Design proposal development for auditoriums in Science and Park Hall renovations
  • Review of summer conference support capacities

Department Support

  • Provided monthly maintenance on WNYO equipment
  • Upgraded projector in Psychology computer lab
  • Provided maintenance on CATV system in Onondaga [equipment failure] and Oneida [water damage]
  • Initiated inquiry into potential requirements for classroom modifications resulting from ADA law changes
  • Planning for expansion and update of Communications Studies classroom in Lanigan
  • Provided student response system training for Office of Business and Community Relations grant proposal
  • Design and recommend audio system for Laker pool area.

CTS Projects or Support

  • Participated in lecture capture expansion planning and feedback meeting with current users.
  • Added EDID capability to eight digital classrooms in Mahar
  • Provided maintenance on aging projectors in Snygg Hall.
  • Added image and movie capture capability to document cameras in Campus Center, Mahar and Lanigan.
  • Provided maintenance on three digital signage units.
  • Upgraded control system firmware in all new digital ATCs

Committee Work

  • Network technician search
  • Chief Technology Officer search
  • Digital Asset Management


  • VoIP phone installations in Bookstore and Catering offices
  • Cable locating for UFPO dig tickets
  • SEI/ SOE Technology Planning
  • Romney Field House technology planning
  • Moves Add Changes 
    • 6 Adds
    • 2 Swaps
    • 22 Disconnects
    • 1 Moves
  • Monthly Billing

Networking Update:

  • Researched video survellience upgrades with NEC
  • Looked at DHCP issue on wireless, ran out of leases
  • Spoke with Andy Michaelis about a new banner server that was working and not working with its new IP. Traced back to a Citrix system that had a client VM running with an incorrect static address
  • Received 18 new UPS units from PO 11T and submitted paperwork
  • Delivered 22 UPS BP units to Seneca with Glen
  • Delivered 16 UPS BP units to Oneida with Ben
  • Unboxed 10 more UPS BP packs and delivered to Funnelle 2nd and 6th floors for old closets
  • Installed remaining battery packs in all data closets in Seneca
  • Moved UPS units to Johnson/Lakeside/Riggs
  • Worked with Trane on test adapters for their BMS system
  • Created firewall rules for Doceri Desktop and SplashTop
  • Created firewall rules for WRVO for SUNY IT remote networks
  • Created firewall rule for DegreeWorks implementation
  • Created firewall rule for CAS test server
  • Worked on VDI firewall rules with Aaron and Melanie
  • Looked at Domain issue with John, determined proper RR A records for CTS-DOMAIN zone were no longer on the AD DNS servers, manually added back to AD DNS and service was restored
  • Researched LLMNR info on why Windows 7 clients were using this instead of DNS for login requests
  • Registered 3 phone adapter for student
  • Worked on AD DNS issues, added _msdcs.cts-domain to slave transfer to secondary and tertiary
  • IP fax demos from RightFax, StoneFax, 2Ring
  • Looked at 802.1x login issues with Tim, determined his laptop is doing alot of frequent arp requests on power-on and getting stuck with no 802.1x re-auth attempts when resuming from sleep. Found MS hotfix that allegedly fixes the issue
  • Looked at Windows 8 laptop and gathered SecureW2 logs and forwarded them to the vendor for review, both with and without a COM Surrogate crash
  • Looked at XPC settings for Windows 8, 3 bugs not fixed yet in XPC settings which cause xp setup not to work with current version of SecureW2
  • Installed Clean Access patch downloaded for Windows8 - Tested on devices
  • Provided a new test scanner to Campus Life for event ticket scanning, issues with Server crashing on any invalid URL request. John opened ticket with vendor
  • Looked at WCS issues and APs down in Hewitt, clean-air crash in Oneida
  • ACAD and RES wireless controller firmware upgrades
  • Installed replacement access points in Laker with Dave
  • Troubleshot Hewitt Union AP's in AUX
  • Worked on Procera test system with vendor
  • Installed test Exinda box in Culkin for testing
  • Worked with Helpdesk about Metro Center Win7 "genuine" messages, modified DNS order of their systems as a possible fix
  • Looked at Johnson front desk machine again - 93744 - requested more info from Meaghan, still not enough info to figure out issue
  • Opened TAC case for WCS map issues
  • Opened TAC case for random RES access point disassociating from the controllers
  • Looked at WRVO AnyConnect issue for VPN problem
  • Re-applied TP profile after DV update broke distributed profile
  • Added additional printer for Art to firewall
  • Completed Scales and Waterbury VOIP configurations Radius/DHCP/Switch
  • Verified redundant link for Penfield BDF out of Lanigan
  • Phone outage - switch interface was not receiving traffic and the NIC on voicemail server was not connected
  • Configured Lakeside Switches for Upgrades
  • Configured backend for Littlepage VOIP - telco installs
  • Assisted student with Wireless issues and Laptop connection for dorm tutoring - Rick K issued Laptops were not being used
  • XBOX/PS3/Wii/other registrations:  3
  • DMCA take down notifications:  1
  • Abuse Notifications:  11

Staff Updates:

  • Attend SUNY Fall Wizard Conference in Syracuse, NY - multiple staff
  • Attend Advanced control system switcher demo - Instructional Support staff
  • Attend Elluminate training  -- Instructional Support Staff
  • Attend Cyber Security training - Multiple staff
  • Attend webinar: The Future of Video Education: A vision of your campus in 2013 and beyond - Hageny

Phone Calls to the Technology Support Center (11/1/12-11/30/12): 743

Call Logging Statistics - 11/1- 11/30/2012

Tickets Logged By Time Number of Tickets
8:00 AM - 11:59 AM 254
12:00 PM - 4:30 PM   265
4:31 PM - 9:00 PM


Off Hours


Total Tickets Logged 546