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 TechNews - April 2012

This is a summary of the activities supporting faculty, staff and student technology services at SUNY Oswego that occurred during March 2012.


  1. Routine Service Outage
    As part of Campus Technology Services' efforts to keep servers running at optimum levels, a regular maintenance period has been designated. From 6AM to 10AM on the second Sunday of each month, several services such as E-mail, editing of both departmental and personal web pageswill not be available. The next scheduled outage is Sunday, May 13th, 2012.
    For information on NYAlert: or 
    visit to sign up.
  3. RAVE Guardian
    For information on Rave Guardian or to sign up:
  4. Patch Wednesdays
    CTS now has the capability of updating your campus owned computers for security fixes as well as functionality on a regularly scheduled basis. This may include software updates to programs such as Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word or to change Windows settings to better support your computers. In order to streamline this process we will only perform these updates on Wednesdays.  These changes will be implemented only after thorough internal CTS testing. You may possibly notice a slight slowdown in computer performance at that time. Updates are added to a CTS calendar so you may see what changes have occurred to your computer on any given day or that are scheduled to be done.

Technology Support Center

 You can reach us by phone at 312.3456 or at 26 Lanigan Hall or our website.

TSC staff have started researching the possibility of replacing our HEAT ticketing system with a more up-to-date ITIL service management system.  Systems have the potential of allowing a better ticketing system as well as allowing change, process and knowledge management, end-user self-service and use on mobile devices.

We are in the process of recruiting new student employees for the 2012-2013 academic year.  If you know of any students interested in becoming a Computer Lab Assistant, Help Desk Assistant or Network Assistant, please encourage them to apply at   Applications are due April 2.

Interviews continue for the Help Desk Support Specialist position.  Three people have been interviewed so far.  We are hoping to have someone hired within the next month.

Are you on Facebook? Want to receive updates from CTS on new services, updates, system outages, and more? We recently created a "SUNY Oswego - Campus Technology Services" Facebook group. Become a fan and start receiving updates!

Learning Management System

We will be upgrading to ANGEL version 8 on August 20-21st.  ANGEL will not be available during this time frame.  One of the biggest reasons for upgrading to version 8 is enhanced browser functionality with Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome. 

The ANGEL Team continues to learn about Blackboard (BB) Learn to help prepare the campus for a migration to take place tentatively in the 2013 timeframe.  There are certain ANGEL features that are currently not available in BB Learn, but will be incorporated into the product in the future.  We also are staying abreast of Blackboard's progress towards Student Information System integration.  The ANGEL course migration tool continues to be tested at SLN and locally on campus to provide feedback to BB on what works and doesn't work. 

The Elluminate software used for synchronous online teaching and meetings is now officially available for the whole campus to use.   There are two ways in which Elluminate can be used - either directly through the Elluminate Live Manager or through a course in ANGEL.  More information about these options and many FAQs are available from the CTS Elluminate web site.  The Elluminate product is currently hosted by SUNY ITEC with additional user support of the product through SLN. 

Recently, the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) negotiated a contract with McGraw-Hill (MH) to allow all SUNY campuses access to the MH Campus "nugget" within ANGEL. When enabled, this nugget allows you to use MH textbook resources such as PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, sample chapters, etc. in your course.  Please see our "How To - Add McGraw-Hill Nugget to ANGEL Course" article for more information.

In addition to utilizing textbook resources, you can also use the MH Create product to create your own textbook. This feature allows you to pick specific chapters of different textbooks and upload pdf documents to create your own textbook.

Please check the ANGEL website for dates and times for upcoming workshops.

If you are interested in setting up a community group, please visit the ANGEL web site at Community groups are limited to academic and/or university related activities only.

Professional Development

The Spring lineup of CTS workshops is winding down.  A few workshops on LakerApps, Windows 7 and Apple Lion operating systems, and CTS Projects are still available for registration. 

The complete schedule of workshops along with their full descriptions is available from

Self-paced, on-demand tutorials are also available from our iTunes U site.  Tutorials covering Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and LakerApps Sites are currently available.  ANGEL workshops are available from the main ANGEL website.

Updating your department web site with Ingeniux workshops are available at the Ingeniux Training site.

The Skillport e-learning software is available to all faculty, staff and students.  Skillport includes business and technology-related courses (including Office 2010) as well as courses and test preps needed to prepare you for many business and technical certifications.   Get started at the Skillport home page.

New Student Orientation

CTS is working on an updated video and checklist that will help prepare new students for technology they will be using on campus.  CTS will be presenting to students and parents as well as staffing a table at the Crusin the Campus session for them to ask further questions.

Software News

SUNY Oswego faculty and staff may purchase a copy of either MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (PC version) or Office 2011 (Mac version) for use on their personal computers for $9.95 plus tax. 
This "Home Use Program" is made available to faculty and staff through the campus purchase of the Microsoft Campus Agreement.
 Details of how to go about purchasing can be found from the CTS MS Office Home Use Program (HUP) page.

Microsoft offers students a significantly reduced price on its products.  For the special pricing and to buy online visit

Web Update

Campus Technology Services (CTS) would like to inform users that new releases of browsers aren't always fully compatible with some web-based campus services that you need to access.  The use of an unsupported browser can result in inconsistent or unpredictable behavior when working in applications.  Please check with the TSC before updating.

The Web Team continues to evaluate portal products that can be used for single-sign-on to multiple systems.  The chosen system will allow all users to go to one web page where they login and have access to LakerApps, ANGEL and myOswego without having to reauthenticate to each system.

Lecture Capture

 The echo360 and Tegrity lecture capture systems are being piloted this Spring 2012 semester. Both systems have been configured, rooms set-up and tested with proper Audio/Video and faculty trained.  We have twelve faculty participating, including one faculty teaching their class fully online.  It is expected that a final system will be picked by June 1 to prepare for a campus offering of the service (within certain Advanced Technology Classrooms) in Fall 2012.

Desktop Support

Our technicians have continued to aid faculty, staff and students in resolving hardware, software, and account related issues. Since the beginning of March Campus Technology Services technicians have assisted in the resolution of 45 hardware, 64 software, and 13 account related support requests.

Equipment Deployments

Our desktop support technicians continue to prepare and deploy new equipment as it arrives. During the month of March new equipment has been configured and installed within: Alumni Office, Campus Life Department, History Department, Music Department, School of Business, Student Association, Technology Education Department, and the Theatre Department.

In addition to deployments of new equipment, Campus Technology Services has re-imaged or replaced approximately 45 additional Faculty and Staff computers throughout the month.


assisted in relocations within the following departments: Alumni and Development, and the Telefund area. 


Began the deployment of Windows 7 to both faculty/staff and lab computers. The initial deployment of Windows 7 over the month includes: Penfield Lab, several of the podium machines within Lanigan Hall, and about two hundered additional installations, both new installations and updates of existing equipment.



  • Replaced J. Grants signature font on various communications
  • added two Argos reports for recruiting and EOP applicant tracking 
  • modified local form to include simple navigation from SAAZAPP to SOAHSCH 


  • Revised two programs as requested 
  • provided two ARGOS programs from the Evisions repository  to improve donor and campaign reporting campaign and designation information  

Institutional Research  

  • Assisted with SUNY System Administration data submissions 
  • modified three programs as requested 

Financial Aid  

  • Posted institutional scholarships for new and returning students 
  • completed setup and program mods needed for awarding processes  


  • Completed revisions to five Argos programs 
  • Began development of a new program to assist with academic standing research 

Orientation/First Year Advisement  

  • Completed an interface to upload math placement data from Maplesoft in order to provide better tracking and reporting of results for advisement 
  • developed a Banner extract program to provide new student data to Visualzen 
  • including degree program information needed to limit reservations by program in Visualzen 
  • developed code to request that childhood education majors select a concentration prior to registering for Orientation 


  • revisions to 25  programs for OLS, Financial Aid, Admissions, Student Accounts and Registrars 

Adirondack Solutions (Residence Life and Housing/Judicial Affairs)

 THD -  assisted with returning student room selection lottery and Coordinated changes in returning student room selection, myOswego student deposit correction, and documented the room selection process so that RL&H can complete the setup with little or no assistance from CTS in the future 

Conduct Coordinator - attributed system hangs to the ColdFusion server and recommended resetting the server to resolve the problem, addressed reporting issues resulting by correcting administrative privileges 

Other Administrative Support

  • Banner (production) - installed (two) Financial Aid/Resweb 8.14 releases 
  • Banner (test) - configure new server, install Oracle and import test database, installed (two) Financial Aid/Resweb 8.14 releases 

  • Banner Patches -three SICAS patches installed to Banner production and test databases 

  • R25 - new hardware move, setup Oracle 11g Oracle server  

  • TMA - new hardware move, setup Oracle 11g Oracle server 

  • Offered functional user job submission to any member from the Banner User Group; added functionality for Student Accounts and Alumni/Development as requested

  • Upgraded SQL server to version 2008 on Millenium server for upgrade on 3/14
  • Worked with DCJS support to fix SJS report problem.
  • Worked with Kolram to upgrade Millenium server and upgraded client computers.
  • Pushed Sophos 10 upgrade to all Faculty and Staff computers
  • Worked with TMA support to fix Room Imspection Module on Windows 7
  • Setup last time account password changed script
  • Moved TMA and R25 databases to new servers
  • Racked Bomgarr server
  • Created report for iServiceDesk Denied Requests

Administrative System projects

  • Communication of CTS Account Information (Banner, LakerNetID) 
  • Discussions regarding  Visualzen integration (Orientation) with Banner

Provided AV support for the following events

  • Admissions Open House
  • Sea Grant's "Great Lakes Regional Conference"

Campus Projects

  • Lecture Capture System hardware, software, and product monitoring.
  • Fixed Doc Cam preview in CC242
  • New faculty orientation planning
  • Review science and SoE building plans
  • Evaluation and planning for replacing Emergency Broadcast speakers on Snygg
  • Summer projects planning

Department Support

  • IPAC display installed in CC220
  • WNYO: transmitter & exciter cleaning and filter cleaning, transmitter power recalibration plus weekly monitoring.
  • School of Business display installed in Rich 216
  • Replaced damaged HDMI cable in Culkin 303
  • SAPB concert support planning

CTS Projects or Support

  • Performed preventative maintenance on digital signage equipment across campus
  • Upgraded the equipment in CC Auditorium so the display resolution can be set to 1900x1200
  • Performed digital signage preventive maintenance on all systems
  • Replaced projectors in Campus Center 306 and Snygg Hall cart.
  • Met with faculty regarding VHS tape use
  • SUNY Technology Conference planning
  • Labman conference planning

Telecommunications Projects 

  • Network wiring upgrade Culkin
  • Build out of Associate Director of FMO office
  • Hewitt Union NE corner offices build out

Telecommunications Administration

  • 8 Adds
  • 0 Swaps
  • 0 Changes
  • 45 Disconnects
  • 12 Moves
  • Generate Monthly Bills
  • Training Caroline Currier on monthly billing process
  • Attendant Console Training

Networking Update

  • Updated a number of Intermapper maps for remote buildings
  • Replaced AV Expansion unit in Metro Center TelePresence unit, calibrarted Syracuse and Oswego units and got them both communicating properly
  • Replaced bad batteries in Swetman 2nd floor, 1st floor Johnson, 2nd floor Moreland UPS units
  • Racked new UPS units in Scales, Waterbury, Lonis, Moreland to prepare for new electrical circuits to be installed
  • Investigate overheating issue in Cayuga - nothing found - may have been fire door prop alarm
  • Update firmware on all Townhouse UPS units and re-configured devices
  • Configure Townhouse UPS units for authentication
  • Researched more information on dynamic VLAN assignment and how it interacts with the WLCs and how RADIUS can send correct information back to the controllers.
  • Cleaned up production RADIUS config files and separated testing configurations from the production configurations.
  • Enabled additional key management on all wireless networks
  • Worked on Lonis/Mackin/Moreland floor plans within AirMagnet to determine coverage areas, obstacles and test layouts in the planner mode for wireless coverage.
  • Upgraded WLCM firmware on Phoenix and Rice Creek controller modules
  • Replaced all access points in Cooper, Lanigan, Littlepage, Johnson (lobby & basement classrooms), Mackin basement
  • Completed wireless site surveys in Cayuga (to verify adequate coverage areas) and Tyler
  • Updated Culkin and Lanigan wireless maps
  • Provided guest wireless access to Career Services
  • Replaced 23" rack in King and Cooper with 19" rack and installed new network switches in preparation for IP phone deployments
  • Enabled port channels on the remaining Cayuga switches
  • Searched all logging information for a missing laptop reported to us by University Police
  • Configured 2nd and 1st floor switches for Culkin VOIP upgrades
  • Installed IP phones in Walker
  • Continued to research the newest NAC appliance purchased
  • Reviewed facilities electrical meter sheet and provided feedback on which units were or were not working
  • Enabled additional switch security via username logged in to device
  • Researched issues with call manager subscription licensing being wrong, attempted to correct with no luck.  Still working on a resolution.
  • Created FW rule for Comm Studies equipment check-out system
  • Created FW rules for Bomgar remote access services
  • Created FW rule for additional LDAP server
  • Created FW rule for mailman test server
  • Created FW rules for additional KMS access
  • Created FW rules for additional Oracle access
  • Installed additional network cards in equipment at Metro Center for I2 connection
  • Installed physical connection to NYSERNet at Metro Center for I2 connections
  • Moved SUNYNet connection from old non-supported equipment to supported VPN device to allow for greater connectivity speeds to SUNYNet based services
  • Worked on ASA L2L monitoring
  • Looked into VG224 supplementary feature sets, we cannot enable them on existing gateways
  • XBOX/PS3/Wii/other registrations:  1
  • OSX 10.4 NAC filters:  0
  • DMCA take down notifications:  6
  • Abuse Notifications:  20

Staff Updates

  • Roadmap to Desktop Transformation (Citrix) - Aaron Reece
  • Webinar: The Special Challenges of BYOD and Wireless Networking on the Higher Education Campus - Aaron Reece
  • Summit 2012 (Las Vegas) attended by Susan Fisk
  • Webinar "iClicker & Angel Integration" - Hageny, McQuin
  • Webinar  "Passion...Expertise...and Public Speaking" -- Hageny
  • Webinar "Camtasia Relay" - Hageny, McQuin
  • Crestron Training - All staff
  • Opterna Training - All staff
  • "Classroom Technology of the Future" conference in Duluth, GA --  Hageny, McQuin

Phone Calls to the Technology Support Center (3/1/12-3/31/12): 767

Call Logging Statistics - 3/1- 3/31/2012

Tickets Logged By Time Number of Tickets
8:00 AM - 11:59 AM 339
12:00 PM - 4:30 PM 335
4:31 PM - 9:00 PM


Off Hours


Total Tickets Logged 716