CTAB Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board


CTAB Minutes
Friday, April 8, 2011
Campus Center 114

Attendance:   Scott Roby, Jean DuFore, Dave Bozak, Mike Flaherty, Mark Springston, John Kane, Liz Burns, Brenda Farnham, Paul Taylor, Tim Yager, Mike Pisa, Pat MacNeil, Nicole Decker, Dave McQuin, Natalie Sturr, Chris Hebblethewaite, Marcia Burrell, Joe Moreau, Alex Pantaleev

Agenda Approved

February and March Minutes Approved

Praise, Question, Polish

Comment that there was a power outage this morning
There may be some pockets on campus that do not have power and/or internet
New chair election talks to begin next month
There needs to be some adjustments done to the bylaws as it is written the CTS reports to the VP of Finance but CTS is now reporting to the Provost Office
Perhaps CTAB should be advisory to  the Presidents Council
Need to officially establish the Technology Committee as of now it is only ad hoc

Applications and Equipment – Natalie Sturr

Minutes have been posted
Continued the classroom Technology discussions.
Looking at VHS and where it is going
Survey to faculty on how they are using VHS and assist in moving away from it
CTS to purchase a VHS to DVD converter, hope to have it by summer
New imaging for desktops being finalized
Image should be ready to review by end of June
2010 Office Pilot project is winding down
Future training to be extended to 90 minutes
Training on ITunes
Next meeting will be May 4, 2011

Question was raised about having a movie or something that is on VHS that there are copy right laws that prevent transferring it to DVD.  It will need to be purchased in the new format.

 By Laws – Dave Bozak
Dave has not met with himself in sometime
There is a need for some addenda to be done and will have information at the  next meeting            

Adhoc on Tech Plan – Mike Flaherty (Joe Moreau)

Met Last week
Basic outline and structure has been done however need to have more input from the group
Joe showed the outline for the group to review
Marcia commented about having a breakout session to review and discuss the outline
There is a needs assessment that needs to be done and Joe will meet with department chairs and possibly attend their department meetings.
Need to engage with departments and the long range needs
This includes more than just desktops

Education Committee – John Kane
Most of the meeting centered around Spring Breakout
Pat read the list of ideas
Next week they will finalize the schedule
Suggested that someone do a presentation on how to write a SCAP Proposal
CIT registration deadline come soon
There is funding for those attending for the first time
There is also CPD points that can be used, contact Rameen

ITC – Mark Springston

Working on a draft for Electronic DSI
Will share with the Provost office soon
There will be instructional sheets on how to do it
Will be located in LakerApps Collections

Academic Division – Mike Ameigh (Joe Moreau)
Joe, Mike Pisa and Mike Ameigh all working together on a year round schedule of faculty computer replacements
Will soon have all older equipment out of the inventory
Want to stay on track of a four year schedule
Will use inventory records to do so
It maybe be possible for a faculty remember to request a year ahead of schedule of their needs change
Will be easier for CTS staff to stay on top of things by doing the year round schedule
CTS to put a calendar or replacements on the website for faculty to know when they will be up for a new computer
Dave Bozak commented that adjunct and temp computers should also be put into the replacement schedule

 CTS – Joe Moreau
Met with Presidents Council and gave them a brief update on Tech Plan.  The group is on board with what they have seen so far
CTS is developing support for Tablet Computing devices on Campus Technology Services
Currently CTS has Ipad and Ipad 2 for loaning out.  Will be getting a Droid, Motorola and Samsung devices for review
Cisco also has devices that they will giving us to test
There have been a few staffing changes, Jim Ford has retired and Dan Laird has taken over his position with some reformatting of it.
Publications will now take on large scale productions
CTS website will be part of Dan’s responsibilities as well as audio and video.
That leaves Dan’s position with OBCR vacant and currently looking for a replacement
There will be a temp replacement for Mike Regan while he is out on medical leave.
CTS will be moving to Windows 7 this summer, if all goes well then campus will be changed over

Marcia wanted to thank Mike Pisa for putting out the CTS updates and what CTS has been doing.  Mike commented that is gives everyone an opportunity to go behind the scenes of what CTS is doing and that there is so much more going on than what is reported at meeting.

Changes to LakerApps – Consumer to Education, Google wanted to push through the ideas and changes of making everything available on the consumer end of things to those in education.  However this came with some issues that would affect intellectual property.  These ideas were pushed back and negotiations are now going on for what will be best.  No additional services will be turned on until an agreement is made between SUNY Counsel and Google.  This is not just an Oswego issue.

There are some accounts that are in conflict from those who opened an email account with Google on the consumer end and have an account through the education as well.  The conflicted accounts will be taken care after graduation.

Computing Technology Rights and Responsibilities
Roll out of elevated privileges was to happen on March 15
CTAB asked that CTS hold back for now
CTS will have a webpage ready soon to discuss what desktop privileges are
Email notice will go out to all users when the roll out will happen
FACT2 is making a comeback, various task groups have been formed.

Note from Deb:  Todays attendance sheet did not make it back to me.  I believe I remember everyone attending however if I missed your name please let me know.

Next Meeting will be May 13, 2011, 8:00-9:30 in 201 Campus Center (Please note the room change)

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes