Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes

Friday, September 10, 2010

114 Campus Center

Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, John Kane, John LaLande, Dave Sargent, Michele Fischetti, Jane Winslow, Kari Campbell, Mark Springston, Steve Dimarzo, Kimberly McGann, Michele Hamer, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Joe Moreau, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Mike Flaherty, Mike Regan, Natalie Sturr, Jean Dufore, Becky Truax, Jeff Windsor, Pat MacNeill, Eric Smith, Steve Leeper, Casey Raymond, Tim Yager

Agenda Approved

May 7, 2010 Minutes Approved

Open Session – Questions and Concerns:
Marcia – Great year last year, looking towards this year should good as well.

Marcia had some questions to share regarding LakerApps.

Question 1 – I would like to share with my wife who doesn’t have Google Apps my calendar.  Is there a way to do this?  

Response to Question 1 – While it is possible in some ways it is not a good idea to share the calendars too far out.  We need to get an official recommendation on how far and wide we want to share calendars outside of the college community.

Question 2 – Wireless change there is was no notification of changes being done.

Response to Question 2 from Joe – CTS expected it would work as before however, it turned out to be more than expected with all the security that is being put into place.

Question 3 - Redirect of email

Response to Question 3 – this will be looked into more once we have only one email system on campus.


Steve Dimarzo wanted to thank CTS for the changes to the phone service and how quickly it was done.

Casey Raymond wanted to thank CTS for giving up the space in Snygg for the sciences.

Paul Taylor commented that there may be things available in Gmail (for those who have personal accounts) that are not available in Google Apps.  It will become available at a later date.  Google is using the public to test out new apps.

Jane Winslow wanted to thank those involved in the work done in Lanigan video area.  A lot of things have been fixed and more functional. The migration to LakerApps went well and is a wonderful system but wanted to know if there was a way to dump email somewhere offline other than into Thunderbird.    Paul responded not at this time.

Joe Moreau commented about the Event Invitation Feature and that you can email guest, all of them or select who you want to email after they have responded or not.

There is also Market Place Partners that offer add-on applications, they do cost money but if you see something that could be beneficial to yourself and/or campus get in touch with CTS so it can be looked into.

Focus Groups for Committees and Discussion Themes

Applications and Equipment and Education Committees broke into groups to work on a meeting schedule, who the chairs will be for the groups and agenda ideas for the coming year.

Applications and Equipment – Natalie Starr
  • Natalie will remain the chair
  • Meetings will be on 10/6, 11/3, and 12/1 at 8:00 am in room CC 164
  • Will explore questions about LakerApps
  • Ways to advertise tips for LakerApps
  • More people using the calendar features
  • Print quotas and going green

Education – John Kane
  • John will remain the chair
  • First meeting will be 9/29/10 in 123 Penfield
  • Will set up the rest of the meeting schedule at first meeting
  • Would like to get a broader audience of faculty and students involved in discussing resources they would like
  • Work with Public Affairs on finding local experts and what they are using for resources
  • Recommend DSI go electronic
  • Investigate the use of electronic books

CTS Report – Joe Moreau
  • New license with Microsoft for Office – individual offices will not need to purchase a license.  There may even be some work at home rights and additional discounts for purchase.
  • Thanks to the group working on LakerApps. The deadline for everyone to move is September 30, 2010.  If people have not moved by that date CTS will move them.
  • Townhouse are up and running and a big thank you to Ty and Dave and their groups for the extra hours put in.  
  • We are now preparing for the Science and Engineering construction to begin.  A lot of moves have been done with summer to clear the buildings.
  • Voicemail conversion was done over the summer.  There were a few glitches but all seem to have been work out.  
  • Document Imaging is now in production.
  • Copier and Printer coordination is moving forward.  A survey has been done of what is currently here on campus and is way more than is needed.  Looking to find one vendor to service all of campus, looking into multifunction machines, and are currently developing standards.
  • There are new devices in Joe’s Office (509 Culkin) available to check out and test.  iPads, Kindles, Smart Pens, Sony E-readers, and My Fi Digital hot spots.

Reminder that the deadline for SCAP is October 1; info should have been received by the Deans this week.  There is no funding as of yet but we want to have things in place so that projects could be accomplished over the winter break.

ITC – Mark Springston

Will have a meeting prior to the Technology Planning Meeting.

Next meeting October 8, 2010 at Fallbrook Lodge

Please respond to the below link if you will be attending the Technology Planning Day after the regular CTAB meeting.


Respectively submitted,

Deborah J. Haynes