Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, May 7, 2010
114 Campus Center

Attendance: Eric Hellquist, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, John LaLande, Jane Winslow, Xiaoquin Irminger, Kari Campbell, Mike Ameigh, Michele Hamer, Dan Griffin, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Joe Moreau, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Sturr, Jeff Windsor, Pat MacNeill, Rick Buck, Abby Wiertzema, Casey Raymond

Agenda Approved

March 12, 2010 and April 9, 2010 Meeting Minutes approved

Open Session

Please look at the tentative agendas that are posted online for next year. If there is something you would like to add, please let us know.

Thank you to CTS for the MacAfee issue. CTS is currently holding back any updates for 24 hours before pushing them out to the campus community to avoid another situation like this in the future.

Joe Moreau commented that SUNY Oswego was not impacted as badly as other colleges and businesses. No data was lost or compromised.

Jane Winslow commented that CTS has been hard at retrieving data recently lost.

Casey Raymond was concerned about how to help in the future and that more information should have been put out so that maybe we could have helped ourselves if we (campus) were more aware of what was causing the problem.

John LaLande asked how we made out with our appeal to Apple and the book store still being able to assist. After two communications with Apple and the issue/concern being moved up to the next level of management, their answer was NO. We could apply again next year if we chose to do so.

Joe Moreau took a few minutes to address and thank members of CTAB

Thank you to all members of CTAB for attending and the work that has been done thus far.

Thank you to Deb for her work in coordinating the room, refreshments, doing the minutes and posting them quickly and maintaining the webpage.

Thank you to Steve DiMarzo for his attendance at the meetings and for a strong student voice.

Thank you to Natalie for the work with the new email, computer image and working towards next year already.

Thank you to John Kane for revitalizing the Education Committee in conjunction with CELT and the new and ongoing professional development activities

Thank you to Mike Flaherty for heading up the Ad hoc Strategy Planning Committee.

Thank you to Dave Bozak for his work on the membership and keeping it full. He, himself and he have have met at crazy hours to keep the committee going.

Thank you to Marcia Burrell for chairing the CTAB committee. She has given us some very rich and engaging agendas, she has helped enlightened us with style and has set new standards for the CTAB group.

Applications and Equipment - Natalie Starr

  • Meeting minutes from the last meeting will be posted soon
  • CTS presentation of PC and activity was good
  • Google sites and webpages are not able to be worked on at this time.
  • Enterprise Desktop Support Committee has been looking into the use of different fonts to help save ink. Econo font is something that is being looked into at this time.

Education - John Kane

  • Call with Joe Storch went well. There are some dos and don'ts regarding videotaping of classes. It may be wise to put a disclaimer in your syllabus to make students aware of the potential. There are no restrictions at this time if a student tapes a class.
  • Spring Break Out - There are three Google workshops being offered
  • Fall symposium is being planned October 1 and 2 encourage people to submit proposals. Possibly open up symposium to rest of SUNY

Elections and By Laws - Dave Bozak

  • No Report

Ad Hoc Committee - Mike Flaherty

  • Meeting on 5/12 to finalize current work being done
  • Needs assessment survey will be worked on next.

Academic Division - Mike Ameigh

  • Faculty Computer Replacement is moving forward. Double checking with people to make sure they are still in need and that it has already been take care of with other funding
  • Interview Exchange is the current program used for reviewing potential employees and their resumes. Currently looking at expanding the uses of the program for completing appointment forms. Currently the college process 800-900 forms per year.
  • Copier and printer imitative is making good progress

CTS Report - Joe Moreau

  • Document Imaging is moving forward should be in production by August.
  • There will be no increase in Tech Fee next year.
  • SCAP Projects are under way - some of the components have already arrived
  • CIT conference is May 25-28 there may still be CPD point to use towards housing if anyone is interested in staying on campus.
  • STC is June 13-16 In Rye, NY. CTS staff will be attending. This is a techy conference but if you are interested come join the fun.
  • With the potential for furloughs being proposed by the governor, this could have a tremendous impact on upcoming projects for the summer.
  • Educause new issue coming out, a submitter you might recognize.

ITC - Mark Springston

  • Revision of SCAP guidelines.
  • Deadline for SCAP this year will be October 1 in hopes of getting new items in January.
  • Ideas for next year are welcome

Laker Apps

  • 96 People have moved already
  • All of CTS has moved
  • Admissions has moved and a few people were moved with them by mistake.
  • Refinements are being done
  • Learning more each day.
  • Should be a campus release on Monday, May 17; want to make sure that the bugs are out of the system.
  • Everyone should be moved over by September 30, 2010
  • Suggest that a department all move as a group, CTS will be happy to send someone over to help.

Next meeting September 10, 2010 TBA

Enjoy the summer