Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, March 12, 2010
201 Campus Center

Attendance:  John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Devin Kerr, Mike Ameigh, Dave Bozak, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Mike Pisa, Dave Mcquin, Paul Taylor, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Stuff, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeill, Rick Buck, Tim Yager, Greg Fuller, Cindy Jackson, Casey Raymond

Agenda Approved

February 12, 2010 Meeting Minutes approved

Open Session

  • Dave Bozak wanted to thank the Meteorology Department for the string of nice weather.
  • Dave McQuin commented about an online training video for adjunct professors and others about the utilization of the standard podiums.  Please share with your departments.  http://www.oswego.edu/cts/atcs/On bottom left:  On-demand ATC Training.  Dave and Bob Hageny put the video together with the help of a student worker.  Mike Ameigh asked if the student was available for some other projects along the same lines that Mike has.
  • What is Technology?  CTAB members were split up into groups to review the question "What is technology" and the responses from the last meeting.  Also each group was given a question to answer.  Questions and responses will be shared.  Joe commented that this is all apart of the Strategic Planning Group and needs to engage in an assessment of needs to the campus community.  This same exercise will be expanded to other groups and individuals for their answers/comments. 
  • Dave Bozak commented about how much fast technology is as opposed to five years ago.

Applications and Equipment - Natalie Starr

  • Campus Image was discussed
  • Meeting minutes have been posted to the website  - http://www.oswego.edu/cts/techboard/
  • Next meeting will be the tweaking of the image.
  • Chris H. commented about the webcams and headsets that are available for check out from the Library.

Education - John Kane

  • Looking into the law about video taping classes
  • Workshops being planed for Spring Breakout
  • Anyone with ideas for Spring Breakout or would like to teach a session please contact John
  • Meeting minutes will be out later today.

Elections and By Laws - Dave Bozak

  • There are no elections this year as the board was wiped clean from last year.
  • There are a few vacancies that need to be filled and Dave will be working on that.

Academic Division - Mike Ameigh

  • Second half money to fund replacement equipment has arrived on campus
  • Working on processing the requisitions

CTS Report - Joe Moreau

  • SCAP has been approved by CTAB, ITC, and Faculty Assembly and has even cleared the Presidents Office.
  • There will be network outages next week.  Signs are being posted and an email will be sent out to inform areas that will be affected and how long.  Most of the impact will be the East side of campus.  CTS will make every effort to make this outage as brief as possible.
  • Google Email - contract has been signed.  Tech team has been assembled and has created a list of numerous questions to be asked.  Google does have a good migration strategy so there should be little problem in making the change.  Everyone will be given a toolbox to do the change at their own pace.  However some groups may be done all at once such as CTS.    This tool box will be offered before the end of the Spring semester. Everyone has migrated to new email no later than September 30, 2010.  The Tech team will be meeting weekly as this is being done and it might be a good idea to have a session during SBO (Spring Breakout).  Tech Team is also going to speak with Binghamton on how their migration has gone.
  • CIT brochures are available and registration is open.  For CPD points contact Rameen Mohammadi.  CPD points can be used for housing if staying on campus.  There are also scholarships for first time attendees and require and earlier registration.  

ITC - Mark Springston

  • Discussion about moving the deadline for SCAP up to October 1
  • Announcement will be sent out soon
  • This will speed up the process and everyone will have the opportunity to have their equipment sooner