Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, February 12, 2010
C114 Campus Center

Attendance:  Eric Hellquist, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Jane Winslow, Xiaoqin Irminger, Steve Dimarzo, Dave Bozak, Greg Ketcham, Abby Wiertzema, Dan Griffin, Joseph Moreau, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Sturr, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell, Casey Raymond, Greg Fuller, Cindy Jackson, Kathi Dutton, John Lalande.

Approval of Agenda:   Agenda approved.  

Approval of minutes from last meeting:   Minutes from last meeting approved.

Open Session - - Questions and Concerns:        

Praise, Question & Polish:

Jane Winslow thanks people for working on getting the XServe functioning for Comm Studies, but feels some polish is needed regarding getting the help they need and knowing who's responsible for follow-up. She will put in Heat tickets for all future issues.

Steve Dimarzo has praise for the information gathered and discussed at Applications and Equipment Committee. Some polish is needed for an issue with the computer in the Point that has not functioned for a long time. A Heat ticket is in for it but no one has come to look at it. Question: How will VoIP affect phones, etc. Joe will discuss this later in this meeting.

John Kane likes the new wireless better than using the VPN. Beta testing was good. He needs to put in a Heat ticket for his laptop, though, because it's not doing what it should when he leaves it on and connected to wireless.

Mike Flaherty praises Eric and the Help Desk for helping with his old laptop wireless.

Index cards with the question, "What is technology?" handed out to be filled out and left at the end of the meeting.

Applications and Equipment Committee-Natalie Sturr:  Committee has been testing email/calendar suites from Google and Microsoft. Results of surveys have been compiled and sent to CTS and are on the Tech Board site. Google scores were higher than Microsoft. Paul Taylor researched what we would need to use either of the suites and found a significant number of technical issues with Microsoft's site. Joe Moreau spoke of security measures Google is using and that, of course, nothing is risk free. Vote to recommend Google to CTS was a unanimous yes. Joe will discuss with President's Council on Monday. 

Wednesday, March 3, is the Applications and Equipment Committee's next meeting. They will discuss migration to Google as well as student lab and faculty images. Please send any software suggestions to Natalie. This works for ATCs also.

Education Committee-John Kane:  Have not met yet.

Elections and Bylaws- Dave Bozak:  Nothing to report.

Academic Division-Mike Ameigh:  Absent from this meeting.

SCAP Proposals-Joe Moreau:  Committee has completed their work for this year. They met four times to discuss proposals from departments. SCAP was reduced by 5% this year to $134,000. Proposals submitted totaled $275,000. Alternative funding in addition to the SCAP funds made it possible to approve all or most of the proposals. Half of SCAP allocation has been received so the proposals have been prioritized for funding. The final list was emailed.

Natalie Sturr expressed concern over the appropriate use of SCAP funds based on SCAP guidelines. Funds should only be used for items for students' academic use. We don't want to jeopardize any future SCAP funding. Joe explained that we can swap funds to make it work. The committee had some of the same concerns and went over the guidelines and what the equipment would be used for. The list will be amended so that Music Department equipment comes from SCAP and the faculty laptops for VTP as well as the questionable portion of the Education proposal will come from alternative funds. Joe moved to approve the amended list and all were in favor. Joe will adjust the list and bring it to Faculty Assembly. 

Campus Technology Services-Joe Moreau: CTS has been working with departments, especially Admissions and Student Advisement, on options for reducing paper records and using digital instead. A document imaging/document management project will begin this spring. Planning will begin the third week of April and the project will start about June 1. Digital documents will be linked to students' records in Banner. The project will start with new students for spring 2011 as that is a smaller group. The switch to digital documents for current students will be figured out after the new students for fall 2011 are done. The digital documents will be stored on campus. Science departments hope this will be done before their final move. 

VoIP implementation will be soon. There is too much infrastructure under the new Science & Engineering Complex to move so this is a new phone system that will be less expensive to implement. Five buildings on the east end of campus will be first, then others will be added. Users will not see a big difference once it's implemented. There will be a new voice mail server. By June 2011, hopefully all of campus will be converted. Funding for this was approved to come from construction funds. New hand sets will be used. We're also looking at better department billing options and will discuss the customer service strategy, including voice mail and fees.

ITC report-Natalie Sturr for Mark Springston:   Meeting this afternoon and will hear recommendations on email/calendar suite and SCAP. Faculty Assembly will vote March 1.

Presentation-RTKL-Joe Moreau:  RTKL has been working on residence hall communications and campus cable TV design. They were supposed to come to this meeting today but were unable to travel from Baltimore due to snow. This presentation will be rescheduled for next month's meeting.