Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, December 11, 2009
114 Campus Center

Attendance:  Larry Fuller, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Ernest Nickels, Devin Kerr, Kiaoquin Irminger, Kari Campbell, Steve Dimarzo, Mike Ameigh, Dave Bozak, Greg Ketcham, Michele Hamer, Dan Griffin, Joseph Moreau, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Mike Flaherty, John Moore, Natalie Sturr, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeil, Rick Buck, Cindy Jackson, Greg Fuller

Approval of Agenda: Agenda approved.

Approval of minutes from November 13, 2009 meeting:  Accepted.

Open Session:

CIT 2010 will be at SUNY Plattsburgh.  This is the 20th year of the event and SUNY Plattsburgh was the original host.

Larry Fuller commented about our current email product and the issues and problems we have with it.  CTS is well aware of them and continues to keep it running until we decide on a new email system.  It is possible that we will be looking at a June conversion.

The contract has been signed for a new content management program.  Pat will share with the group a time line for when the update will take place.

Workshops have been scheduled (12/21 and in January) to learn how to clean up your files and content prior to changing over to the new manager.

Applications and Equipment - Natalie Sturr:

Meeting centered around the two email products being tested.

Natalie and Nicole have been meeting and are working on getting a list together regarding both products.

Tests are continuing and more testers are always welcome

Education - John Kane:

WBO continues to move forward.  Most of the past meeting discussed the 20 minute workshops that are being organized - better known as Technology Day.

Several new topics have been brought up for WBO

If there are any other suggestions please get with John asap as the program will be going out soon.

A few topics suggested will not go forward as there is no one to present.

Election and By Laws - Dave Bozak:

No report - having a hard time setting a meeting up with him self.  J

ITC Report - Mark Springston - Natalie Sturr gave report:

Discussion of having student pictures associated with Banner.

WBO session with Google and Microsoft email side by side.

Chris Hebblethewaite:

Commented about the collaboration between the library and CTS on the new lab in the library.  It is an office space that has a MAC and PC and is used for multi media production.  You can reserve the space or first come first serve.

Academic Division - Mike Ameigh:

College has received half of its allocation so far for equipment replacement.  College is supplementing.  Should receive the remaining half in spring semester.

Faculty Replacement Computers - we are on schedule for deployment.  CTS has been very diligent in getting this done with about 10-12 computers going out per month.  Next round of computers is being ordered.  It will be more difficult during the next six weeks to get computers out with faculty not being available during the break.

CTS - Joe Moreau:   

We have a new EBook reader, the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  We have several other readers in the office if you are interested in checking them out for review.

SUNY contract with Google has been approved.

We are on target for the wireless conversion.

When you go to use wireless after the conversion you will need to do the one time configuration process.  If you have been a part of the testing you will not have to do this.

CTS is working on devising a 36-month work load projection that Joe will share at the February meeting.  This will shed some light on projects that are taking place through out campus.  Some that people may know about and others they won't.

Banner 8 upgrade took place during the Thanksgiving Break.  For most part went smoothly however, there have been some minor issues that have been resolved.  Sue Fisk's group will continue to work out any additional bugs.

Joe has met with Student Affairs and discussed how technology affects them and what can be done to help the staff as well as students and their families with quality of service.  This will potentially become a regular meeting

SCAP proposals are posted on the CTAB website.  All proposals are in and meetings to review will be in January.

Joe is thinking that next year it would be nice to begin the SCAP process sooner.  Will continue to review and think out this idea through out the year.

Proposers to SCAP will have the oppportuity meet with the committee to discuss their proposal if they want to.


Devin Kerr - Apple Remote Desktop

Wikis - Ulises Mejias

Next meeting - February 12, 2010