Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, November 13, 2009
114 Campus Center

Attendance:  Larry Fuller, Scott Steiger, Chris Hebblethwaite, John Lalande, Ernest Nickels, Kiaoquin Irminger, Kari Campbell, Steve Dimarzo, Mike Ameigh, Kimberly McGann, Dave Bozak, Greg Ketcham, Michele Hamer, Dan Griffin, Nicole Decker, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Mike Flaherty, Michael Regan, Natalie Sturr, Jean Dufore, Becky Truax, Cindy Jackson, Abby Wiertzema, Eric Smith, Mike Pisa, Marcia Burrell, Joe Moreau

Approval of Agenda: Agenda approved.

Approval of minutes from October 9, 2009 meeting:  Accepted.

Praise, Question, Polish

Natalie Sturr - Praise at how our computer stations in classrooms are set up. Recently at another school where the computer station faces the wall and that leaves the instructor with his back to the class.

Marcia - Praise for the Applications Committee and the amount of people showing up for meetings and the work being done.

Steve Dimarzo - CTS Facebook commented about the unhappy students with CTS.  Joe commented that those are the types of students we try to get to come and in work with CTS to make for better improvements.  However we can't always please everybody.

Microsoft Demo from last meeting - Joe commented about the frustrations of certain aspects of the product and had the opportunity to meet some reps from Microsoft while in Denver for Educause conference.  Response to Joe's issues was they had been fixed in Release 4 of the product.

Joe also questioned when we would be converted to Release 4 and that we should continue our evaluation after we have been converted and make a decision in February of 2010.

Open Session - Questions and Concerns: 

Larry Fuller commented about the Labs and the replacements of computers and how this was being funded.  While a comment was made in error by Joe on how and where the funding will be coming from, the computers should all be funded and the appropriate channels gone through for support of the labs and financial needs, and has a positive out come.

Larry Fuller commented about the Faculty Replacement computers and how this is being done.  Mike Pisa commented back that CTS is getting 10-12 machines pushed out a month.  Sixty have been ordered for the first round and another order will be done soon.  However CTS has been dealing with some sick staff so they can get a bit behind but will do their best to keep up.

Question on whether entire labs can be done at once instead of a computer here and there. Was commented on how some of those labs were built and that they have been pieced together.  Look at the historical records of each lap.  However, it would be better and do attempt to do entire labs all the same when funding is available to do so.

Updates and Announcements: 

From Tech News - Phishing is still going on but not as bad.  Some people are falling for them.  CTS has purchased new software that is catching more and more of the phishing emails.

Also we have a program that is detecting any emails that go out from campus that contain social security numbers or credit card numbers.  Departments are being contacted and reminded that emails can be caught and redirected with that sensitive information.

Banner will be upgraded starting on November 21 and will take four twelve-hour days to complete the project.

Technology Planning ad hoc committee has started meeting, would like to see more people attend the meetings.


The committee is working on a list of criteria on which to evaluate Google and Microsoft.  Natalie presented a first draft, and the committee worked on refining and expanding it.  The most current draft is linked from the CTAB web site.  People can send Natalie additions to this list at any time!

Nicole will be putting together an electronic survey.



 20-minute Technology Day Winter Breakout sessions: January 20 is date.  If you have a suggestion or topic you would like as a session, please let John know.

Textbook submission - postponed until we know how the information will be collected.  Discussion was held on how to let students know about online books.

What to do in case of pandemic?

ITunes and media Labs

New Faculty and the delays in getting email and set up with ANGEL.  This issue has been redirected to the New Faculty Orientation Committee.



The sun is shining and the group has not met yet.

ITC - Mark Springston  

Natalie reported for Mark that the meeting discussed email. 


Actual wireless conversion date will be December 29, 2009 and wireless will be down four to six hours.  Campus should be pretty quiet at that time.

Testing - set up of wireless has improved.  Everyone will need to configure their computer once.  After that will be able to sign on with Laker NetID.

VPN for wireless access will go away once the conversion has been done here on campus.  However it will be available off campus.

First draft of the cable TV proposal has come in.  CTS will be reviewing with Faculties.  At this time we are under the gun to be able to get the town houses on line when they open.

Starting in March Facilities and CTS will be very busy with the planning and construction of the sciences and getting people out of Piez and Snygg.  It will be a heavy work load.

Reminder that SCAP proposals are due November 20, 2009 - we have received $141K.


Presentation of Google email

Next meeting will be December 11, 2009 from 8:00-9:30 in 114 Campus Center