Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Minutes
Friday, September 25, 2009

Attendance: Eric Hellquist, Larry Fuller, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Devin Kerr, Jane Winslow, Xiaoquin Irminger, Kari Campbell, Steve Dimarzo, Mike Ameigh, Kimberly McGann, Dave Bozak, Greg Ketcham, Dan Griffin, Joseph Moreau, Sue Fisk, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Tyrone Johnson-Neuland, Natalie Sturr, Jean DuFore, Becky Truax, Pat MacNeill, Rick Buck, Marcia Burrell, Greg Fuller, Mike Regan, Scott Steiger 

Approval of Agenda: Agenda approved. 

Approval of minutes from May 8, 2009 meeting: Minutes from last meeting accepted.


Purpose of CTAB: Natalie Sturr's Interpretation:

CTAB began sometime the 80's stemming from the Instructional Computer Center. The group meets to discuss the technical needs and aspirations of the college campus working closely with CTS.

Thank you to John Kane for being the chair and seeing the group into the future for the past four years.

Just a reminder that all future CTAB meetings will be in Campus Center 114.

Joe Moreau discussed the Strategic Planning for the campus and handed out a draft with ideas for "Technology Mission and Vision". This will be a major project as we wind our way through needs for the campus and tough economic times now and in the future. Joe has had conversations with both Nick Lyons and President Stanley about a strategic plan for SUNY Oswego as we do not have one in place at this time. They fully support this endeavor and CTAB is to be the primary advisory body. This will be the beginning for a Technology Master Plan. Everyone please review the mission/vision document at your leisure and comment back to Joe.

Academic Division-Mike Ameigh:

No committee as Mike reports from the Provost's office on what is coming up that will affect faculty.

There is a list of people that has been generated that are in line for the Faculty Computer Replacement program. CTS will be working on this and deploying 10-12 computers per month. Another list will be put out as to who is scheduled for each month.

SCAP is back again this year and hope that we can move the process along faster than has been done in the past.

There is little travel money for this year and anyone that wants to travel and qualifies for money through UUP union should do so. This past year we left $4,000 in the fund and we should not do that.

Elections and Bylaws- Dave Bozak: Anyone wishing to join is welcome to do so.


Applications and Equipment Committee-Natalie Sturr:

These two groups merged a few years ago and look at the various application packages that affect the computers that the college community uses or may possibly want.

Natalie's group will meet the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am. First meeting will be October 7th in the Lake Effect Café. Two topics of conversation will be Email Services on Campus and calendaring software.

This past summer new email names were deployed and appear to have met the goal of differentiating faculty/staff accounts from student accounts.


Education - John Kane:

Organization for the training of Faculty of new ideas and initiatives.

No monthly meeting date has been set but will do so soon.

Group did jump right into working and suggested doing a Technology Day here on campus.

More info to come at later meetings.


Campus Technology Services-Joseph Moreau:

Welcome to the new and improved CTAB meetings, thank you to John Kane for his years of service and to Marcia Burrell for agreeing to chair.

This past summer Joe worked on getting the CTAB roster up to date and also to have student representatives. Those that have been officially appointed will have name plates.

Initiatives for this year: SCAP Funding - we will be appointing two representatives from the CTAB group. There is $141K in the funds, a little less than before. Joe will get system guidelines from FACT out soon onto the website.

CTS is looking at a complete overhaul of our email system, unhappy with SUN and concerned about the SUN application line.

There is an ever growing need for a calendar system and would be nice to find something that can integrate email and calendaring into one. At this time Joe is having conversations with Google and Microsoft. At the October meeting Microsoft will do a presentation. Think about features you want. CTS is looking to have a recommendation by the end of the fall semester.

Information Security Task force has been meeting for over a year. The group has been looking at how and where sensitive information is stored here on campus and reviewing the current polices. A website for this group will be coming in the future.

Security Systems Management Team has been form at the request of the President's Council and will consist of CTS, Facilities, Residence Life & Housing, Academic Affairs, and University Police. This group will begin meeting monthly and a website to follow on their work.

Devin Kerr's presentation has been put on hold for today and will be rescheduled.

SCAP representatives were nominated and appointed: Chris Hebblethwaite and Steve Dimarzo.

FACT guidelines will be posted to the website soon.

Next meeting will be October 9th from 8:00-9:30 in 114 Campus Center