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Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Applications & Equipment Committee
Summary of Meeting - 5/5/2010

PC Authentication

  • CTS is working on moving PC authentication from pGina to Active Directory
    • pGina is an older, no-longer-supported product
    • Active Directory is the current "industry standard" and will allow additional management tools and user services
  • There was discussion on user privileges - user, power-user, and administrator - and which will provide the best balance between security and productivity
    • Privileges can be adjusted for an individual and/or a group of users
  • LanDesk is an additional piece that will help with security and productivity

Google Sites

  • There are still technical problems to work out before Google Sites can be made available to the campus
    • For now, it is turned off and not available in LakerApps
    • Google Sites will be made available when the technical issues can be addressed
  • Natalie has compiled a list of the issues she has found.  These are available at:  https://sites.google.com/a/gtest.oswego.edu/sturr/
  • For now, CTS has enough on its plate with the email migration and implementing other components of Laker Apps

Fonts and sustainability

  • A discussion started last meeting about changes to default fonts in an effort to reduce ink usage
  • The Enterprise Desktop Services Committee has been exploring this issue.
  • They found, and are investigating, ecofonthttp://www.ecofont.com
    • Reviews say it can reduce ink use by 20%
    • Pricing may be an issue, although that is still being investigated
  • The group also asked the EDSC to also look at vertical spacing - as a way to reduce paper use.
    • The default line spacing in Office 2007 is 1.5.  The default in Office 2003 was 1.0.  This makes a notable difference in the length of the document

 Thank you !!!

  • To all who have worked on this committee this year
  • To all who tested, and tested and tested Google products, Microsoft products, and more
  • To all who investigated, evaluated and discussed our many issues
  • Thank you!