Minutes - Applications & Equipment Committee

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Applications & Equipment Committee
Summary of Meeting - 3/3/2010

Campus Image

  • Thank you to Greg Fuller for his many years of work heading the Imaging Committee and working with our committee.
  • Welcome to Tim Yager who is taking over this responsibility.  The committee has been renamed the Enterprise Desktop Services Committee (EDSC)
  • Natalie received several suggestions from faculty for the images.  These were presented to the Committee and to CTS for discussion and review.
  • Information was shared that MS Office does not open Open Office files - a hardship for students who cannot afford to purchase the MS product.  Natalie asked Tim to see if there is something available to convert these files.  UPDATE - Natalie found an MS Office plugin from Sun for CTS to review that appears to do just that:  http://www.sun.com/software/star/odf_plugin/index.jsp
  • The EDSC will now do a technical review of the suggestions
  • Sample images should be available in late April.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to review them.  A fresh set of eyes is always welcomed to be sure nothing is overlooked.

New Phone System

  • Tyrone Johnson-Neuland gave a presentation on the new phone project and the many facets and challenges of the project.  Some interesting pieces of info:
  • There will be occasional planned outages as equipment and services are installed or moved
  • The new system will be VoIP.  Handsets will get their power over the Ethernet so will not need to be plugged into an outlet.
  • A small system of analog lines will continue to be supported for faxes and modems

Important dates:

  • Friday, March 12 - full CTAB meeting, 8:00am, Campus Center 114
  • Wed, Apr 7 - Next Applications/Equipment Committee meeting, 8:00am.  Poucher 101
  • End of April - opportunity to review the sample images