Campus Technology Advisory Board November 11, 2011 Minutes

CTAB November Minutes

Friday, November 11, 2011
242 Campus Center

Attendance: Scott Roby, John Kane, Chris Hebblethwaite, Kelly Roe, Dan Wood, Mark Springston, Mike Pisa, Dave McQuin, Paul Taylor, Nicole Decker, Mike Flaherty, Natalie Sturr, Pat MacNeill, Brenda Farnham, Abby Wiertzema, Pat Pacitti, Emily Thompson, Kathi Dutton, Joseph Moreau, Marcia Burrell

Agenda Approved

October 14, 2011 Minutes Approved

Open Session – Questions and Concerns:

  • Mark Springston commented about the Oswego Daily List and the ability to get announcements out as well as keeping up on other events on campus
  • Natalie wanted to thank Pat MacNeil for keeping everyone updated with the Ingeniux issues
  • Chris Hebblethwaite wanted to thank CTS for the Technology Lunches and presentations.

Chairs Report – Marcia

  • Desktop Security, as the need is arising Help Desk Tickets are being created.
  • This would be a great topic for CIT
  • No SCAP decisions yet, one more presentation later today.

Applications and Equipment – Natalie Starr

  • Clickers – if you are using them please get in touch Bill Goffe or Dave McQuin. The ones that are being used now are five years old. Looking for something new now.
  • Google Consumer Services – no immediate needs at this time, however SUNY Counsel does not want any of the options turned on untill they have worked through all the terms and conditions..
  • VHS survey has been done; Chris and Dave will be following up with those that have submitted a survey.
  • Next meeting November 30, 2011 in the Library

Election and Bylaws – Dave Bozak

  • No Report

Education – John Kane

  • Connection issues with Iphones and Ipads
  • Nicole update about Portal Projects, software vendors being reviewed and what fits with our system. This will allow on place to log into all systems in one place, email, myoswego, etc.
  • WBO workshops list has been created. WBO will be 1/17/12-1/20/12. Possibly some additional days.

Ad-Hoc on Tech Plan – Mike Flaherty

  • Tech Plan outline – broadview
  • Avail on the CTAB website under projects
  • Please provide feed back
  • Timeline is also on the web
  • Chose not to go with the academic year as CTS is already busy during key times.
  • Weekly announcements to updates make to the outline

ITC – Mark Springston

  • Desktop Security CTAB and CTS working together
  • Larry Fuller is now serving on the SCAP committee. One more presentation this afternoon and then committee will begin to make decisions.
  • There were $264K in requests, there is only 61K in money
  • DSI in Lakerapps survey
  • Deans very support of the DSI and how it is working now
  • Looking for a solution for faculty folders, maybe something along the lines of a PDF folio
  • ITC will be helping with the Tech Plan

Campus Technology Services – Joe Moreau

  • Phone issues of this week have been a hardware problem on the Nortel side of the system
  • Degree works – assessment tool for students and advisors. System Admin to do demo’s on November 21 at 10:00 and November 28 at 2 in 37C Lanigan. For additional information contact Jerrett LeMay
  • This will be the last year for SCAP funding. One last presentation today and then recommendations to be forwarded.
  • Joe to propose something to Lorrie to take the place of SCAP
  • GARTNER Consulting – IT research will be available to all students, faculty and staff. More info to come
  • CTS staff still short with one staff member out sick and trying to fill position in Paul Taylor’s area. Will be working to redistribute the work load to keep things moving forward.
  • Currently a discussion of shared services with other campus's and letting SUNY know what we are already doing.
  • A lot of times people don't realize the services that are out there to be shared
  • Joe does hear that we are a bench mark for other campus to look at.
  • Educause - Joe, Natalie, Nicole, attended, digital content every where
  • New ideas about an Independent Learner Profile where students can carry their educational information with them. Now seeing how this can be beneficial.
  • Cloud based services becoming more prominent. Subscription based through our networks
  • Joe to share a link of a presentation he went to discussing a new accreditation idea gaining some momentum called Open Badges. Well worth listening to and we should paying attention to.

Presentation by Nicole.

Next Meeting will be Friday, December 9, 2011 in Campus Center 114

Respectively submitted,
Deborah J. Haynes