Education Committee Meeting Mintues

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Education Subcommittee Meeting Notes

 Attendance: Pat MacNeill, Jean Dufore, Jane Winslow, Marcia Burrell, Kathy Dutton, Nicole Decker, Joe Moreau, John Kane

1.  Approved of the minutes of the 12/8/10 meeting

2.  Microsoft office upgrade
Nicole Decker gave an update. See for information on the pilot project. Mahar 210 has Office 2010 - this is where workshop sessions will be held
By start of fall semester whole campus will be on the same version.
Quick Reference cards are sent to each office being upgraded.

3,  E-books - How do we encourage adoption? Should we encourage adoptions?
Winter Breakout e-book session was well-attended -- should add to Spring Breakout.
Joe spoke about a work group on this issue. And, Google just released software for tablets.
CTS working on getting readers to work on our wireless network. Some have no configuration settings.
Content licensing 'all over the map' 
Jean - if e-books authorized for the class, faculty needs to add as a 2nd text
Discussion: This has implications for Campus Book Store. I.e., Amazon sold more e-books last quarter than paper/bound books. Cost of text books has become prohibitive. E-books much cheaper. is one vendor.
Free application that converts to almost any ebook format:
Suggestion that we meet with the Textbook Committee to offer some leadership on this issue.
Suggestion that this may be a Faculty Assembly topic.
This is coming faster than we think. Most students come to campus with a computer.

 4. Portal - needs assessment, technical requirements, etc.
Joe - Consists for 2 main components - 1) facilitating simple sign-on and 2) customization.
A group was formed comprised of the Web Team (Public Affairs and CTS) plus Joe and Mike to look at software options and create technical requirements. We own Luminus (a not-so-good old version). New version may be better. Campus EAI Consort. is another option plus a couple others.
Elluminate is a web conferencing software, not portal.

 5. Electronic DSI  - nothing to report

 6. Report on Winter breakout
 Largest attendance ever -- 121

 7. Spring workshops / spring breakout
Suggestions include: e-books in general - looking at 'real' vendors and their offerings
Same e-book session as Winterbreakout
Smart Phones
Send suggestions to John Kane.