Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Education Sub Committee Meeting Notes
December 8, 2010


Attendance: Mark Springston, John Kane, Pat MacNeill, Nicole Decker, Jane Winslow, Jean Dufore, Joe Moreau

E-books: Google released its book reader on 12/6. Joe reported the FACT council will be reporting on this. Discussion of accessibility for e-books. Google's book reader - free books are accessible.

Portal: Meeting with web team to define our portal needs. Needs assessment will be conducted after the holidays. Technical requirements will also be developed at this time.

Electronic GSI submissions: Joe talked with Lorrie Clemo.  Other suggestions are to use Google Docs.  Google had a webinar recently. Workshop this Friday on using Word to do this too.

Winter Breakout:  Schedule is started. John has lots more to add. Committee members can view the Google doc at

Microsoft Office Upgrade:  Nicole reported we have purchased site license. We will update to 2010 on PCs and 2011 on Macs.  CTS is testing in January. Also, a $9.95 personal use license will be available. See the Campus Update article in the 12/8/10 issue.

 Next Semester:  Continue with DSI and e-books, portal.