Meeting Minutes

Campus Technology Advisory Board


CTAB Education Sub committee Meeting Notes
November 17, 2010


Attendance: Mark Springston, Marcia Burrell, John Kane, Pat MacNeill, Nicole Decker, Jane Winslow


Single sign-on portal - CTS investigating software that will work with our systems


Surveys of student preference on communications-waiting for report from Joe


Electronic DSI - Joe was to talk with Lori Clemo.


E-books - discussion about text e-books. McGraw-Hill allows purchasing parts of books. Are there other publishers allowing this?


Winter Breakout 1/19 - 1/22/11
E-readers - Joe
Getting Started with Ingeniux (90 min), Components (30 min), Open Review Session for Ingeniux Users (3 hours) Pat and others
Using Synchronous on-line presentation - Peg Martin
Tutoring software - Cathy Santos or OLS director
Google Apps - Forms - Pat (30 min)
Images for the web - Pat - (30 min)
Remote desktop software demo (Mac only)-Devin Kerr
Using form to collect textbook information - Jean
Laker Apps: Calendars, Gmail and docs (each 1 hour) - Nicole Decker and Andy Goldzwig. Time zone issue in Google calendars was discussed.
Academic calendar link: Google gadgets - Pat. John suggests ‘email goggles’?
Google groups?  Will not be ready by January.
Google Sites? Will not be ready by January.
RSS  feeds
Reader available in Laker Apps? no update. (Joe will check to see when/if this can be made available as a Laker App.)
Pod-casting - Greg
Citation creator biblio -- Endnotes and Zotero - Marcia and Natalie
Video, Flip cameras, Camtasia, Lecture capture, etc.


Laker Apps calendar sharing  - no update


Action Items:

John will continue to work on Winter Breakout schedule. He will email notification of the dates, etc.

Anyone can submit sessions by using the google form available at:

Pat will send RSS info to Marcia


Pat will create a right column component in Ingeniux that contains links to the academic calendar and other pertinent campus calendars.