Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Education Subcommittee Meeting Notes
October 27, 2010


Attended: John Kane, David McQuin, Kari Campbell, Jean Dufore, Greg Ketcham, Joe Moreau, Jane Winslow, Pat MacNeill

1. How to better disseminate information to the campus community? (continuation of earlier discussion)faculty:
daily email
Digital Signage
RSS feeds

Future: Single sign-on portal - Joe talked about forming a team to investigate

Campus EAI Consortium membership - Joe talked about -- may give access to software at discounts, developers. Based in PA.  SUNY Oneonta, Binghamton -2-3 other SUNY's are implementing. They provide an Oracle-based portal system. Demo at next meeting? 

 2. Should we conduct a survey to evaluate what modes of communication are preferred? Students, not faculty/staff should be surveyed. Are there other surveys available? Joe will look into this.

 3. A local experts list on tech issues? Public Affairs expert list is not available yet.

 4. Electronic DSI? Joe spoke with Lori Clemo - one commercial is product available. He will report again at next meeting.

 5. E-books - Joe has lots of research on this and will see about compiling it to make it available.

 Equipment available for testing -- contact Joe:

 Several e-book readers which staff and faculty can test. 

Audio and video capturing pens used with special notebooks - cost $129.

 We should let people know there are readers available.

 Devices don't meet all needs right now. I.e., ADA, paginating issues, video, write/highlight material. Should we be promoting them?  It's already happening - I.e., one can download to laptops right now. We should advocate for standards.

 Joe will bring e-readers to next CTAB meeting for members to see what's available.

 6. Winter breakout session ideas for the week of Jan 17 (Tues-Friday)

E-readers - Joe
Ingeniux - Pat
Google Apps -Forms-Pat
Using form to collect textbook information, Jean
Google Calendars - Nicole Decker and Andy Goldzwig.
Jean-there is an academic calendar available.
Google gadgets - Pat?
Google groups?  Should be ready by January
Google Sites? May replace OmniUpdate Educate (personal, ~ sites). Joe will ask Natalie to revisit this.
Reader? Joe will check to see when/if this can be made available as a Laker App..

7. Why can't LakerApps calendars be shared with our private accounts - Joe will look into opening this.

 8.. CIT- Conference on Instruction and Technology - 20th anniversary - Oneonta. May 24-27, 2011.