Education Mintues

Campus Technology Advisory Board

CTAB Education subcommittee minutes

March 9, 2011

Present: Rick Buck, Nicole Decker, Jean Dufore, Michele Hamer, John Kane, and Joe Moreau

•1.       Minutes of the February meeting were approved.

•2.       Ebooks were discussed:

•a.       Joe Moreau, John Kane, and Rameen Mohammadi had presented a workshop a week ago discussing options for course adoptions of eBooks.

•b.      Issues of wifi access on campus for book readers (such as the kindle) were discussed. CTS is investigating alternative options, including the possibility of providing a limited wireless network that provides only unsecured web access.

•3.       Portal status:

•a.       Luminous, Liferay, and EAI portal options were discussed

•b.      Jean Dufore noted that the current login to MyOswego will be replaced by an LDAP call, so that the same user id and password options will be used for MyOswego as for other campus network access.

•4.       Electronic DSI submission

•a.       It was noted that several groups, including ITC and the Personnel Policies Council were also discussing this option. It was suggested that this could be the topic of a joint meeting, and that ITC should take a lead role in this since it should be presented to Faculty Assembly.

•5.       Spring breakout workshop suggestions:

•a.       Smartphones - Joe Moreau (30 minute session)

•b.      eBook reader - Joe Moreau (30 minute session)

•c.       eBook adoptions for class - Joe Moreau and John Kane (60 minutes)

•d.      Office 2010 - CTS staff

•e.      PDF online fillable forms

•f.        Google forms

•g.       Textbook order forms - Jean Dufore

•h.      Ingeniux workshops: open session, getting started, and components

•i.         Document imaging

•j.        Digital storytelling (whole day workshop)

•k.       Eluminate

•l.         Lecture capture experiment, part 2

•m.    Screencasting

•n.      Wine and/or beer making

•o.      Digital photography

•6.       Other topics:

•a.       Discussion of metro center/CC 137 video conference capabilities

•b.      Issues associated with getting netids earlier for new faculty (John Kane will discuss this with Rameen Mohammadi)



Minutes taken by Michele Hamer, transcribed by John Kane