Campus Technology Advisory Board


CTAB Education Subcommittee Meeting
September 29, 2010 at 9:00 am

 Present:  John Kane, Ernest Nickels, Mark Springston, Pat MacNeill, Jane Winslow, Kathi Dutton, Joe Moreau

 Meeting Times

10/27, 9 am, 123 Penfield
11/17, 9 am, 123 Penfield
12/8, 9 am, 123 Penfield -- discuss Winter Breakout

 How can we more effectively disseminate information on technology resources to students, faculty, and staff? A good part of the meeting time was devoted to this question. Below are some of the comments:

  •  It should be a virtual place to go for general queries.  A group is looking at moving the curriculum process to digital. Joe is on the committee.
  • A virtual place needs to be 'manned'. People also need face-to-face also. CTS has a lot of information on its web site
  • One major question is how to communicate this information effectively to students, faculty and staff.  I.e. portfolio system in MyOswego. Most don't know about it.  Compass runs own software, GoalQuest - but responses go to students and Culkin - do students know this?
  • The new CMS has the ability to create reusable 'components'
  • RSS feed s are another choice although few use them. When  Google Reader is turned on in Lake Apps, we may have the option to add 'editor's picks'
  • Google Groups - when this feature is turned on in Laker Apps, how do we use it? Joe plans to discuss this with the Application & Equipment subcommittee. I.e. How to implement, not duplicate efforts.
  • Digital signage - students do watch this.
  • MyOswego is another place in which students have to go but they find it confusing. 
  • Single sign on web portal.  Very large project. Per Joe, Could add MyOswego, Angel, Banner, and LakerApps to it. We have Luminous license but many SUNY's say old version is bad. Version 5 has better reputation though.
  • What can we do now? A survey?
  • Just in time - how can we address the issue that people want to know how to do things on the spot? Probably with LakerApps. Faculty will play a large part to encourage students to use the LakerApps tools.

 Can we form a local experts list?

  • This is for faculty and staff (peer/mentor network).
  • Public affairs list is media-oriented.
  • Make a topic list
  • Library has a tool.
  • Need volunteers-start with PA list?
  • Blog with resource links.
  • Lakerpedia
  • Will need to use multiple channels to distribute list/information.

Electronic DSI process


  • E-books- it's time to address this. Kindle, iPad, Sony readers, Edge reader are available in Joe's office. Joe talked about a publisher giving away PDFs of textbooks free. Extras such as quizzes, black and white printout, etc. cost the student. Different business model.