Education Subcommittee Minutes 9/14/12

Discussion Items

  • workshops for CELT
  • coordinate with Appl & Eq
  • last year - clickers-Bill Goffe
  • Issues:
  • e-books- Greg - talking with Aux Svcs, Ext Learning about student adoption of ebooks. McGraw Hill nugget available in Angel;
    • need procedures for this-anyone in SUNY using this
    • CTS creating new handout on new 'nuggets' in Angel
    • faculty awareness/interest
  • WiFi in classrooms
  • Having to log in to wireless using Apple product
  • Look at automated features that instructors can use. I.e., Mark created a Google script/docs to grade a quiz and have it notify students automatically - wants to share.
  • Address needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced users
  • More video-based tutorials needed? for those who can't attend formal training-  - subscription based
  • Experts group ?

Next Meeting - 10/3 - 9:15 - CELT meeting Room