CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

May 7, 2014

Attended:  John Kane, Linda Paris, Pat MacNeill, Marcia Burrell, Sean Moriarty, Dave McQuin, Nicole Decker, Sadig Gulaghayev, Tammy Anderson, Theresa Gilliard-Cook

Winter Breakout Survey

  • Results - low response-11. John has been doing this each semester with average response of 3-4.
  • Recommendations for a future survey: send link thru Oswego Daily; pick a 'prime' time when nothing else is going on; send right after breakout.

Spring Breakout

Workshop Registration

Software Committee is evaluating and using a shared Google spreadsheet to review:

  • Nicole recommends PD Place
  • Tammy reviewed:
    • Lumens --  expensive 
    • GoSignMeUp uses 3rd party vendor for paying
  • Why don't we build it ourselves using Google? Database is needed; Google doesn't provide one. Much development time would be needed.
  • Benefits of getting this software were discussed
  • Suggestion: bring in more people review when doing testing, after the list is narrowed down.

Plans for Fall

  • Continue with workshop registration software
  • Look at Google Classroom Service - dependent upon being enabled for us. Could benefit COIL. Video projection options -  also see discussion in April minutes
  • Electronic textbooks - people need help with the basics. Can details/instructions be standardized? Pilot project with faculty?

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented to John Kane from Marcia Burrell and Sean Moriarty.

"...in gratitude for always finding a solution to everything, sticking to CTAB no matter what, your friendship, and your selfless contribution to the Campus Technology Advisory Board (CTAB). We deeply appreciate and thank you for all your efforts."