CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

May 1, 2013

Attended. John Kane, Pat MacNeill, Nicole Decker, Kelly Roe, Marcia Burrell, Dave McQuinn

  • Lynda: Kelly reported that useage down a bit. This is a possible Spring Breakout topic. Marcia asked for  a CTAB reminder be sent out to alert folks that it's available.
  • Prof Development software: Nicole. Many seem to be event support with a lot of functions we may not need. She looked at Book When, Kagen, Ssaz, Reg On Line, Event Spot, Fikket.  The software needs: catalog descriptions, registration, prerequisites, Confirmation emails, reminder emails, profile storage. She will investigate further during the summer.
  • Camera placement: Dave is open to requests as to rooms to place video cameras. Marcia asked about school of Ed classrooms - but they will be moving to temporary rooms in the spring 2014. It was noted that a camera may be installed in CC 202 this summer.
  • Spring Breakout: 16 workshops scheduled. Looking for more. John will contact TIP recipients, Suggestions: TK20-Marcia. productivity I.e., NPR story, COIL, see minutes from 3/8 and 4/10, Doreen Mazzye iMovie on iPads. Do live session using Panopto-can see live from Angel. Session ideas from previous minutes:
  • Create more on-line art courses
  • Creative solutions for studio classes
  • Hybrid classes
  • Flipping classroom using video
  • MOOC -  Massive online open course - Greg?
  • Digital Badging
  • Student presentation capture
  • Integrating Google Apps into teaching, I.e., student projects
  • Clickers
  • Using Google Calendar in Angel
  • Cloud connect
  • McGraw Hill Nugget
  • E-textbooks - Marcia asked what is the process for getting an ebook into your class. workshop would include this. E-rentals are also available.
  • Blackboard collaborate (replacing Illuminate)
  • digital photography (Jim Russell)
  • iMovie
  • video editing on tablets
  • assessment system (TH 20) - contact Jogy Das