CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

April 2, 2014

Attenced: Dave McQuin, John  Kane, Marcia Burrell, Dave Kahn, Sadig Gulaghayev, Sean Moriarty, Pat MacNeill, Kathy Dutton

1. Brief discussion of workshop registration / professional development transcript options-software - Extended Learning uses/buying costs 30-40K. Nicole looked at some software tools.

Must have:

  • course description
  • LDAP authentication and public entry via confirmation
  • registration
  • confirmation emailreminder email
  • profile storage
  • prerequisite
  • record of workshop attendance
  • generate reports/ transcripts
  • calendar link
  • Software: Book When; Kagen, Ssaz, Reg on Line, Event Spot, Fikket, Lumens, Go Sign Me Up, PD Place.
    Next step: evaluate software. Kathy, Pat, John and Nicole will work on this.

Marcia suggest we generate a list of benefits.

  • one stop shopping for any prof dev
  • Sean asked about the workflow for using this software.

2. Review of winter breakout survey - Survey sent to CTAB members yesterday. I hasn't been released to everyone yet. The committee reviewed and the survey was updated. Survey was  emailed by John. You can complete this for survey here: evaluation form.

3. Discussion of pilot project on wireless projection from mobile devices

  • Dave M - a CTS group looking at what's available. One stumbling block may be Apple. Have several devices they are testing. I.e., Apple TV, Chromecast.
  • Dave K - Many faculty want to use apps on their tablets. Suggested pilot using Apple TV  less than $100 each.
  • Marcia - need to consider student's needs as well as faculty.
  • John - ipad project participants want to use tablets wirelessly.

4. Demo of Apple TV at our next meeting by Dave Kahn.

5. Spring Breakout will be the week after finals. John emailed call for sessions out 4/2/14.  Submit workshop ideas at: https://docs.google.com/a/oswego.edu/forms/d/1s6issnI8pl2fhDQ04L1BkOMvPOjxx4YTNyeDaFLQs9s/viewform