CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

February 6, 2013

CTAB Education Subcommitte 3/6/13
Attended: John Kane, Pat MacNeill, Nicole Decker, Kelly Roe, Marcia Burrell

1. Approval of the minutes from the February meeting.

2. Lynda.com - Kelly: Faculty and students are giving good feedback. Faculty have a couple of sections with 40+ students who could use more licenses.  Kelly and Nicole, Mark and Emily applied for an IITG Grant which would be good for one year and is renewable. They  should get a decision by the end of April. Some stats on the use of our 30 licenses: 150 hours of video were viewed in February; over 1k subjects available on Lynda including new titles: HTML5, design effects, 'thinkable presentation'. Expect usage in the fall will go way up. There are a few licenses available -- contact Kelly if you would like to take a look at the on-line video training that is available.

3. Common workshop presentation software - Nicole contacted SUNY. There are no suny contracts. She talked with CPD but their software is not a good fit. Nicole is gathering a list of products. She asked who would be interested in reviewing the products. Pat agreed to participate.

4. Spring/Spring Breakout workshop suggestions (updated from the February list):
  • Clickers
  • Create more on-line art courses
  • Creative solutions for studio classes
  • Hybrid classes
  • Flipping classroom using video
  • MOOC -  Massive online open course - Greg?
  • Digital Badging
  • Student presentation capture
  • Integrating Google Apps into teaching, I.e., student projects
  • Using Google Calendar in Angel
  • Cloud connect
  • McGraw Hill Nugget
  • E-textbooks - Marcia asked what is the process for getting an ebook into your class. workshop would include this. E-rentals are also available.
  • Blackboard collaborate (replacing Illuminate)
5. Nicole mentioned there is lots of wall space in the CTS computer labs that could be utilized to:
  • post awareness items, I.e., security tips,
  • marketing or workshops, etc.
  • CTS humor
Kelly said her students may be willing to create some of the posters.