CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

March 12, 2014

Attended: John Kane, Linda Paris, Marcia Burrell, Sean Moriarty, Nicole Decker, Kathi Dutton

1.    Survey of WinterBreak

  • Marcia Burrell had volunteered to start a survey.
  • The group wrote thematic questions for the survey

Value of workshops. What would make the workshops more effective.

  • Hands on
  • Lecture
  • Types of workshops that they would like to see that they don't see:
  • What types of workshops would you like to see more of
  • What other Workshops on specific technology do you want to see.
  • Do you know about live streaming of workshops.
  • Have you ever use the live stream videos posted on the website
  • Do you have a preference for the length of the workshop?

John will use Google Docs to submit the survey to faculty and staff from his database.

2.      Classroom display software was discussed

  • David McQuinn has details to be shared with us at a later date
  • At the next meeting we will discuss a process for vetting a variety of wireless display devices
  • The CELT office will be used as a pilot site for the discussion and testing.
  • Nicole will be share the list of display devices as generated by the subcommittee a year ago.

3.    Registration Software

  • The group revisited the need for having a campus wide registration software package
  • Extended learning has a package they would like to purchase, but it cost more than $30,000.
  • The group was reminded that there is a page where workshops are posted, but there is no single registration process.
  • The group brainstormed next steps.
  • At the next meeting we will begin to investigate other registration software for campus wide use.

4.    CIT and the next Spring breakout times were discussed.