CTAB Ed Subcommittee Meeting Minutes March 7, 2012

Attended: Bill Goffe, Joe Moreau, Greg Fuller, Dave McQuin, Pat MacNeill

Clicker Update from Bill Goffe

Investigating 2 Vendors

  • iClicker - webinar next week on integration with Angel
  • Turning Tecnhologies - integrates with blackboard

How to promote their use

  • Barrier - ease of use. current interface is challenging
  • iClicker seems easier to use because has fewer options


Question: Can we get access for all students in large classrooms - I.e., to enable use of Google Moderator (consumer app) to poll the class

Greg and Joe:

  • In Mahar there is 1 access point for 2 rooms; access point = 20 users max
  • CTS is replacing access points. new ones which will support more. They use a different frequency and should allow better access. But then there is the quandary that ‘old' devices won't work.
  • What about lecture halls? - Greg -- A lot depends on how new the device is and bandwidth that can be offered. Lanigan 101, 104 have 4 access points in each. Creating access for 400 is problematic.
    Another dependency - what is being downloaded -- video or just text?
    Joe - CTS has been talking about this and are doing some planning. It has been identified as a priority. Faculty should ID key locations so CTS can prioritize those areas.

Problem: the need to constantly log in to the wireless network using an iPhone

  • Joe & Greg: If you use IOS4 all is fine. If IOS5, Apple changed something. Apple has not responded. Credentials are saved on your device. Some devices work fine, but not Apple's IOS5.
  • If using campus-owned Win laptop, problem should go away eventually. But this is not implemented on production as of today.
  • Joe - may try to rally SUNY colleagues about this issue.

Joe - CTAB and appls & eq sub-committee may be asked to help develop campus guidelines on mobile devices.

Ideas for Spring Breakout and other workshops

Date: week after commencement - Mon, May 14

Last year's Spring Breakout sessions:

Getting Started with Ingeniux
Ingeniux Components
Images for the web
Document Imaging Training
Laker Apps Forms
Which smart phone is right for you?
Which eBook reader is right for you?
Common Pitfalls of Advisement
Going green: Using eBook adoptions to save trees and help students save greenbacks
Faculty sharing knowledge through media interviews
LakerApps Sites
Document Imaging training
Mind the Qs and Qs: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Assessing Information Literacy at SUNYOswego
Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010
LakerApps Question and Answer
ANGEL Gradebook Open Session
LakerApps with your iPhone or Droid
Using Rubrics for evaluation in ANGEL
Putting the Control of CampusApproved Software in Your Hands
Information Session on the Fall 2011 Elluminate Pilot Project
Embedding Videos in ANGEL
Cooperative Online International Learning (COIL)
Creating Menus, Links, and Portfolios with Acrobat
I Thought YOU did that part: Making Eng 102 and WAC Work Together
Best Practices in Clicker Usage
Results from a Global Competence Survey
What Does PeerReviewed Research Tell Us About Improving Learning?
Making better photographs
Creating an Avatar in Second Life
Using Second Life or other virtual worlds to support instruction
Building in Second Life
Crossing Borders Digital Story Telling total enrollment is capped at 15 (register early)
Using Adobe Professional to create online forms Library Instruction room I
The spring 2011 lecture capture experiment
Results from a student focus group on faculty use of media and popular culture in the classroom CC 206
Using smartphones for polling/interactive software

Other workshop suggestions:

Best Practices for clicker usage
Smart phone - probably not

Other items brought up at the meeting

  • eText books - consider launching a formal pilot (Joe)
    • maybe partner with ITC
    • Article Pat found: http://www.ecampusnews.com/current-issue/?pagenumber=69
  • Need to involve more faculty in this subcommittee