CTAB Education Sub committee meeting notes

February 6, 2013

CTAB Education Subcommittee 2/6/13
Attended: John Kane, Pat MacNeill, Nicole Decker, Kathy Dutton, Kelly Roe, Dave McQuinn

  1. Approval of the minutes of the December meeting
  2. Winter Breakout - 597 total attendees in 74 workshops; 2012: 343 in 52 workshops. Most popular session was 'Korean Students on Campus.'  Most sessions had 7-8 in the session
  3. Workshop registration options / common workshop calendar-
    • John sent Nicole some emails from a mailing list in which some products were mentioned.  Nicole will review.
    • Nicole consulted with System Admin to determine if we have any existing state contracts with vendors that supply a workshop registration system. She was directed to talk with someone at the Center for Professional Development.  Nicole will follow-up.
  4. Lynda -
    • Kelly - We have 30 licenses. Kelly is admin for them. Contact her if there is someone who is interested in testing it out.
    • Nicole- Skillport has been renewed for another year. Looks like the new version may look more like Lynda. Talked to Stonybrook who have a campus-wide license for Lynda. Users are frustrated as they didn't have a user-base interest to begin with. Only 1200 unique users (5%) so far.
    • No SUNY-wide license is available right now.
  5. Workshop suggestions for the spring semester -
    • clickers
    • create more on-line art courses. Need creative solutions for studio classes.
    • flipping classroom using video
    • MOOC -  Massive online open course- Greg?
    • Digital Badging
    • student presentation capture
    • integrating Google Apps into teaching, i.e. student projects
    • using Google Calendar in Angel
    • cloud connect
    • McGraw Hill Nugget
    • E-textbooks
  6. Pat - Professional Development Center: http://www.oswego.edu/workshops goes to a web page listing links to all professional development registrations
  7. Experts group / experts list - How can people get technical support quickly from an expert near them? Discussion tabled for now. John and Pat may do some testing.
  8. E-textbooks - what are faculty doing? E-textbooks are a value for students. But some students like getting $ back at end of semester. Let John know if you know someone who is using e-books. Department heads might know.